Hanna Clara Pulpanek, M.A. | M.Ed.

Hanna Clara Pulpanek, M.A. | M.Ed.

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48143 Münster

  • Research Areas

    • Recent German Literature especially Enlightenment and Contemporary Literature
    • Literature and Religion
    • Literature and Emotion
  • Doctoral Thesis

    Nathan's Hate. On the Reception of Lessing's Nathan the Wise in Contemporary Drama

    Prof. Dr. Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf
    Doctoral Subject
    Graduate School Practices of Literature
    Doctoral Degree
    Dr. phil.
    Awarded by
    Department 09 – Philologies
    Nathan’s Hate: On the Reception of Lessing’s Nathan the Wise in Contemporary Drama. In current times, the religious violence and hatred that manifests in, for example, anti-Semitic, far-right or Islamist attacks, play a huge role in political and social discussions. Considering this, the enlightened play Nathan the Wise by G.E. Lessing is as relevant today as it was during the 18th century. Accordingly, current dramatists are giving renewed attention to Nathan’s story although they are reframing the characters and plot within many different settings. Nevertheless, one thing the contemporary plays generally do have in common is that they contrast the established picture of Nathan as a play of tolerance, reconciliation and love by giving space to hatred and violence between their characters. This emotional focus reflects a phenomenon that is occurring in public discourse with increasing frequency as terms like ‘hate comment’, ‘hate crime’, ‘hate preaching’ or ‘hate speech’ seem to serve as diagnosis of a present social state. This project examines the emotional dynamics of love and hate between the characters in both Lessing’s drama and in current plays. The analysis explores the productive and receptive tension between the current plays and their literary model and seeks to explain how the texts are embedded within current emotional and religious discourses.
  • Education

    Stipendiatin der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
    PhD candidate and Research Assistant at the Cluster of Excellence Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation.
    Master of Education Chemistry and German Philology/ Master of Arts in German Studies at WWU Münster
    Dual-subject Bachelor: Chemistry and German Philology (teacher training) at WWU Münster
  • Talk

    • Wagner-Egelhaaf, Martina; Podulski, Henning; Pulpanek, Hanna (): ‘Performing Hate’. Tagung "Emotion and Religion in Times of Crisis" (Exzellenzcluster Religion und Politik), Universität Münster, .