• Publications


    Articles in Journals
    • Afonso L.U., Moita T., Matos D. . ‘The Coimbra Bible and the ‘Andalusian School’ of Hebrew book illumination.’ Archivo Español del Arte 88, No. 349: 53-68.
    Articles in Edited Books
    • Brookes, S., Stokes, P., Watson, M. and Matos, D. . ‘The DigiPal Project for European Scripts and Decorations.’ In Writing Europe, 500 – 1450, Text and Contexts, edited by D. S. Brewer, n/a.


    • Matos, Debora. . ‘‘Illuminating in Micrography’ by Dalia-Ruth Halperin.’ Journal of Jewish Studies 65, No. 2.

    Theses (Dissertation or Habilitation)

    • Matos, Debora. . The Ms. Parma 1959 in the context of Portuguese Hebrew Illumination Doctoral Thesis, University of Lisbon, Portugal.