Field of research B: Mediality

Postdoctoral Researcher Project Project Participation Major Subject
Becker, Meike, Dr. coming soon Project B2-12 Egyptology
Berezhnaya, Liliya, Dr. B2-4 "The Ukrainian Bastion" – the Bulwark of Europe and antemurale christianitis. The Nationalisation of a Myth Single Project Comparative History
Blöbaum, Anke, Dr. coming soon Project B2-12 Egyptology
Blömer, Michael, Dr. phil. Studies on iconography of trans-local cults in the Roman Empire Project B2-20 Classical Archaeology
Höink, Dominik, Dr. B2-9 Politico-National Material in a Spiritual Religious Form – Oratorio Composition from the 18th to the 20th Century Single Project Musicology
Jensz, Felicity, Dr. B2-11 Educating the ‘Natives’: Schools, missions, and governments in the British colonial world Single Project Contemporary History
Korte, Petra, Dr. The mediation of religious conceptions in Jesuit Emblem Books Project B2-5 Latin Philology
Martin, Katharina, Dr. phil. WeibsBilder. Hellenistic queens in coinage Project B2-16 Classical Archaeology
Meier, Barbara, Dr. phil. D2-3 Marginal prophets and sacred sites. Translocality of religious concepts in Uganda Single Project Ethnology
Pietsch, Andreas, Dr. phil. Spirituality beyond the churches. Discourses of confessional ambiguity in the early modern period Project B2-22 Modern and Contemporary History
Sieg, Christian, PD Dr. Authorship as a Field Strategy: Literary Staging between Religion and Politics from 1945 to 1990 Project B2-18 German Philology