Epidemics in Past and Present

“Between Divine Punishment and Conspiracy Theories”

Cover Between Divine Punishment and Conspiracy Theories
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The Cluster of Excellence’s research on epidemics from antiquity to the present has been brought together in a volume entitled Between Divine Punishment and Conspiracy Theories. The volume deals with conspiracy theories and alternative theological interpretations that emerge in times of epidemics both past and present. “What disturbed liberal milieus convinced of the evidence provided by medical-scientific expertise in the Corona pandemic is not new for times of epidemics”, underline the volume’s editors, historians Marcel Bubert and André Krischer. “Competing interpretations of epidemics have emerged time and again”. The volume is the first to shed light on such competing interpretations in an interdisciplinary and trans-epochal way. Read more

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Epidemics. Perspectives from cultural studies

Epidemics from antiquity to the present: how they have been represented in the arts and media is something that researchers from the Cluster of Excellence explain in the new dossier “Epidemics. Perspectives from cultural studies”. The short texts and images offer different disciplinary approaches to epidemics. Read the dossier

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Epidemics, religions, and conspiracy theories

The dossier "Religion and conspiracy theories in the time of the corona epidemic" explores the connection and difference between religion and conspiracy theories in the time of the pandemic. Read the dossier