Dr. Jens H. Hellmann
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Dr. Jens H. Hellmann
Research Associate
Institute for Psychology
Project PARI
Room 202
Fliednerstr. 21
48149 Münster
Tel: +49 (0)251-83 31391
Fax: +49 (0)251-83 31329
jens (dot) hellmann (AT) uni-muenster (dot) de
Consultation hours: Tue, 14:15 - 15:15 / by appointment
  • CV


    2008 – 2011        PhD in Psychology, University of Bremen

    2002 – 2007        Diplom in Psychology, University of Bielefeld

    Work Experience

    seit 09 /2016       Research Associate, Project “Psychological Aspects of Refugee Integration” [PARI], Westfalian Wilhelm's University of Münster

    2012 – 2016        Center for University Teaching, University of Münster in North Rhein-Westfalia

    2010 – 2012        Work Unit for Social Psychology, University of Münster in North Rhein-Westfalia

    2008 – 2010        Research Associate, Jacob's University of Bremen

    2007 – 2008        Postgraduate Research Assistant, Eyewitness Memory Group, University of Aberdeen, Schottland

    Peer-Review Activities

    British Journal of Social Psychology, Cognition and Emotion, Discourse Processes, European Journal of Social Psychology, In-Mind Magazine, Journal of Applied Research on Memory and Cognition, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Journal of Media Psychology, Journal of Refugee Studies, Learning and Instruction, Memory, Memory & Cognition, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, PLOS ONE, Psychology and Aging, Psychology Learning and Teaching, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Social Psychology Quarterly


    Association for Psychological Science (APS)
    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs)
    European Association of Social Psychology (EASP)
    Fachnetzwerk Sozialpsychologie zu Flucht und Integration

    Further Activities

    Since 2010  Co-Editor, In-Mind Magazine (German Edition); Head of book reviews: http://de.in-mind.org
    Writing workshops (FGSP 2013, DGPs 2014 with Oliver Genschow, FGSP 2015, DGPs 2016 with Jan Crusius)

    Training in systemic councelling, systemic change management in higher education, July–December 2014, Institut für Systemische Beratung, Wiesloch, Germany.

  • Publications

    • Lamberty, P., Hellmann, J. H., & Oeberst, A. (2018). The winner knew it all?  Conspiracy beliefs and hindsight perspective after the 2016 US general election. Personality and Individual Differences, 123, 236-240. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2017.11.033
    • Glaser, T.*, & Hellmann, J. H.* (2017). Heading right and judging harsher: Spatial orientation toward the right side and moral judgments. Social Psychology, 48, 253-264. doi:10.1027/1864-9335/a000316 *Shared first authorship
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Jucks, R. (2017). The crowd in mind and crowded minds: An experimental investigation of crowding effects on students’ views regarding tuition fees in Germany. Higher Education, 74, 131-145. doi:10.1007/s10734-016-0033-9
    • Hellmann, J. H., Adelt, M. H., & Jucks, R. (2016). No space for others? On the increase of students’ self-focus when prodded to think about many others. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 35, 698-707. doi: 10.1177/0261927X16629521

    • Batzke, I., & Hellmann, J. H. (2016). Der „Battle of the Texts“ als Methode zur Förderung Forschenden Lernens. die hochschullehre, 2. Online: www.hochschullehre.org/?p=829
    • Bebermeier, S., Echterhoff, G., Bohner, G., & Hellmann, J. H. (2015). The generalization of shared reality: When communication about one target shapes evaluations of other targets. European Journal of Social Psychology, 45, 623–640. doi:10.1002/ejsp.2115
    • Hamenstädt, U. & Hellmann, J. H. (2015). “It’s the Movies, Stupid!” Filme in der Didaktik der Internationalen Beziehungen. Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen, 22, 149–167.
    • Hellmann, J. H., Berthold, A., Rees, J. H., & Hellmann, D. F. (2015). “A letter for Dr. Out-group:” On the effects of an indicator of competence and chances for altruism toward a member of a stigmatized out-group. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 1422. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01422
    • Hellmann, J. H. & Kopietz, R. (2015). Sozial-kognitive Aspekte von Entscheidungen. In H. Hilgert & A. Glatzmeier (Hrsg.). Entscheidungen: Geistes- und sozialwissenschaftliche Beiträge zu Entscheidungstheorie und -praxis (S. 75–90). Heidelberg: Springer VS.
    • Knausenberger, J., Hellmann, J. H., & Echterhoff, G. (2015). When virtual contact is all you need: Subtle reminders of Facebook preempt social-contact restoration after exclusion. European Journal of Social Psychology, 45, 279–284. doi:10.1002/ejsp.2035
    • Hellmann, J. H., Paus, E., & Jucks, R. (2014). How can innovative teaching be taught? Insights from higher education. Psychology Learning and Teaching, 13, 43–50. doi:10.2304/plat.2014.13.1.43
    • Hellmann, J. H., Echterhoff, G., & Thoben, D. F. (2013). Metaphor in embodied cognition is more than just combining two related concepts. Frontiers in Psychology, 4, 201. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00201
    • Hellmann, J. H., Thoben, D. F., & Echterhoff, G. (2013). The sweet taste of revenge: Gustatory experience induces metaphor-consistent judgments of a harmful act. Social Cognition, 31, 531–542. doi: 10.1521/soco.2013.31.5.531

    • Hellmann, J. H., Echterhoff, G., Kopietz, R., Niemeier, S., & Memon, A. (2011). Talking about visually perceived events: Communication effects on eyewitness memory. European Journal of Social Psychology, 41, 658–671. doi:10.1002/ejsp.796
    • Hellmann, J. H. & Thoben, D. F. (2011). „Heute schon gerächt?“ Ursachen und Folgen von Rache. In-Mind Magazine, 3.
    • Kopietz, R., Hellmann, J. H., Higgins, E. T., & Echterhoff, G. (2010). Shared-reality effects on memory: Communicating to fulfill epistemic needs. Social Cognition, 28, 353–378. doi:10.1521/soco.2010.28.3.353
    • Darling, S. D., Martin, D., Hellmann, J. H., & Memon, A. (2009). Some witnesses are better than others. Personality and Individual Differences, 47, 369–373. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2009.04.010
    • Kopietz, R., Echterhoff, G., Niemeier, S., Hellmann, J. H., & Memon, A. (2009). Audience-congruent biases in eyewitness memory and judgment: Influences of a co-witness’ liking for a suspect. Social Psychology, 40, 138–149. doi:10.1027/1864-9335.40.3.138

  • Selected Conference Papers / Poster Presentations

    • Hellmann, J. H.  & Forthmann, B. (2017, September). Hilfe für Geflüchtete! Einstellungen, sozioökonomischer Status und Wohnort im Westen versus Osten Deutschlands als Prädiktoren. Vortrag bei der 16 Tagung der Fachgruppe Sozialpsychologie, Ulm.
    • Hellmann, J. H. & Forthmann, B. (2017, September). Welchen Einfluss hat die Bildung auf Hilfe für Geflüchtete in Deutschland? Eine Annäherung anhand bevölkerungsrepräsentativer Daten. Vortrag bei der Tagung PAEPSY, Münster.
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Jucks, R. (2016, September). Effekte von virtuellem Crowding auf den Selbstfokus in studentischen Texten. Präsentation, 50. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs), Leipzig.
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Jucks, R. (2015, Mai). “There’s just not enough space for elaboration!”: Effects of social crowding in higher education. Poster, 27th Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science, New York, USA.
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Jucks, R. (2014, September). Massenhaft substantielle Beiträge? Experimentelle Untersuchungen zu Effekten räumlicher Bedingungen auf kognitive Prozesse im Hochschulkontext. Präsentation, 49. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs), Bochum.
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Thoben, D. F. (2013, März). Revenge is sweet, but not cute. Präsentation, 55. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), Wien, Österreich.
    • Hellmann, J. H. (2013, Februar). Enough space for reflection? Embodied cognition and learn-ing in higher education. Präsentation, PostDoc-2013 Meeting, Köln.
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Thoben, D. F. (2012, Oktober). The sweet taste of revenge: Metaphor-consistent social judgments. Präsentation, 17th Herbstakademie on The Implications of Embodiment: Enactive, Clinical, Social, Heidelberg.
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Echterhoff, G. (2012, September). Social Scatteredness – Zur Verfügung stehender Raum und sozialer Status. Präsentation, 48. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs), Bielefeld.
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Thoben, D. F. (2012, Mai). Sweet revenge: Gustatory experience influences the evaluation of a vengeful action. Poster, 24th Annual Convention of the As-sociation for Psychological Science, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Berthold, A. (2011, September). “Oh, ein Brief für Herrn Doktor!“ Ein Indikator für hohe Bildung und seine Bedeutung im Intergruppenkontext. Präsentation, 13. Tagung Fachgruppe Sozialpsychologie DGPs, Hamburg.
    • Hellmann, J. H. (2011, Juni). Diskriminierung und Bildungsindikator. Präsentation auf Einladung, Sozialpsychologiekolloquium, Friedrich-Schiller Universität, Jena.
    • Hellmann, J. H., Echterhoff, G., & Kopietz, R. (2011, Mai). „I already said it: He started the fight!“: Eyewitnesses and the saying-is-believing effect. Präsentation, 7th PhD Meeting in Social and Organizational Psychology, Lissabon, Portugal.
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Berthold, A. (2011, Januar). Index of Higher Education as Discrimination Buffer. Poster, 12th Annual Meeting der Society for Personality and Social Psychology [SPSP], San Antonio, Texas, USA.
    • Hellmann, J. H., Keck, N., & Echterhoff, G. (2010, Februar). Tolerance of cultural differences in communication: A lost letter approach. Präsentation, European Expert Meeting on Intercultural Communication, University of Kent at Canterbury, England, UK.
    • Hellmann, J. H., & Rees, J. H. (2010, Januar). Uncertainty in eyewitnesses’ memory judgments: Variations of task difficulty. Poster, 11th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
    • Hellmann, J. H., Kopietz, R., & Echterhoff, G. (2009, Mai). Creating shared reality through audience-tuned communication: The role of epistemic motivation. Poster, 21st Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science, San Francisco, California, USA.
    • Hellmann, J. H., Kopietz, R., & Memon, A. (2009, März). "Wie gesagt: Der hat angefangen!" - Der Saying-is-Believing Effekt bei Augenzeugen. Präsentation, 51. Tagung experi-mentell arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), Jena.
    • Hellmann, J. H., Kopietz, R., & Echterhoff, G. (2008, Juli). Ease of recall in memory judgments: How detailed recall undermines the confidence of eyewitnesses. Präsentation, XXIXth International Congress of Psychology, Berlin.
    • Hellmann, J. H., Echterhoff, G., Kopietz, R., & Memon, A. (2007, September). The role of uncertainty for audience-tuning effects on memory. Präsentation, EAESP Small Group Meeting on Shared Memories, Shared Beliefs: The Formation and Use of Joint Representations in Social Interaction, Rapallo, Italien.