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If you are interested in writing a BSc or MSc thesis or a dissertation in our working unit, please contact or

Your own suggestions for theses within statistical, methodological or diagnostic areas of research are welcome. If you are interested in conducting a meta-analysis, you can choose a topic. We (intensely) supervise the statistical aspects. So far, we have supervised about 20 meta-analyses (some of them in cooperation with other working units), most of which were published in international journals.

Current topics for BSc/MSc theses:


The three meta-analyses will be conducted in cooperation with the University Oxford, GB, Department of Psychiatry:

  • Pharmacological treatment of depression and anxiety in epilepsy
  • Seizure threshold effects of antipsychotics and antidepressants in epilepsy
  • Psychological treatments for anxiety in Parkinson’s or functional neurological disorders and/or seizures


  • Development of statistical models for meta-analyses of rare events
  • Meta-analytical simulation studies (in R) 
  • Suppressor structures in generalized linear models
  • Optimal design of Thurstonian IRT-models


  • Automatic generation of rule-based working memory tasks
  • Analysis of reliability of SJT