Educational Psychology deals with the psychology of learning and teaching. The topics covered in our courses are wide-ranging. Attention, for instance, is directed towards the prerequisites and processes of learning and teaching that lead to successful learning and that should be taken into account in the design of teaching-learning scenarios. The courses may also address learning, behavioral and developmental disorders that make learning and teaching difficult.

Courses in Educational Psychology are offered both for the bachelor and master programmes in psychology. Below you can find an overview of the courses offered for the bachelor and master programmes in psychology. The latest course descriptions can be found in the course directory of WWU Münster.

  • B.Sc. Psychology

    Two lectures on the basics of Educational Psychology are offered in the second year for students of the bachelor's programme in psychology. In the third year, one can attend a so-called in-depth seminar in Educational Psychology, in which, among other things, the topics of the earlier lectures are deepened. In addition, our department might offer experimental research internships.


  • M.Sc. Psychology

    The training programme for the M.Sc. focus area Learning – Development – Counselling (LDC) is jointly operated by the departments of Educational Psychology and Developmental Psychology. In the first year, a lecture is held whereby students are introduced to questions regarding education, learning, and the design of learning scenarios. This lecture is undertaken by students of the LDC master's programme, but may also be attended by students of other masters’ programmes as an elective lecture (so called “import”). Contents of this lecture are further deepened within the scope of three LDC-seminars, which extend into the second academic year. In the second year, students expand their knowledge in the field of Educational Psychology and acquire practical competences for the design of teaching and learning scenarios in cooperation with educational institutions. The lecture "Scientific Practice and Scientific Communication" is offered to all students of the master's programme in psychology.