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Computational Methods for Particle Physics II

Winter term 2016/17


Prof. Dr. M. Klasen (TP), Prof. Dr. G. Münster (TP), Prof. Dr. C. Weinheimer (IKP), Dr. K. Zapp (CERN)



Wednesday 12.15 - 13.45

Start: Wd., 19.10.2016, 12.15

TP, KP 304



Tutorial on MC event generators:

A tutorial on Monte Carlo event generators, in particular the multi-purpose generator SHERPA, will be given by Korinna Zapp on November 11 after the lecture.
Details will be announced.


Knowledge of Nuclear and Particle Physics is obligatory,
knowledge of Quantum Field Theory is useful,
BSc-Module Computational Physics or comparable previous knowledge is required.


Further hints to the literature will be given in the lecture.

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