Sachgebiet H

Elektrodynamik, Magnetismus, Relativitätstheorie


  • Ha - Lehrbücher zur Elektrodynamik

    Aflven Cosmical Electrodynamics Ha/Alf/2345
    Anderson The Electromagnetic Field Ha/And/2609
    Armstrong The Electromagnetic Interaction Ha/Arm/3407
    Barut Foundations of Radiation Theory and Quantum Ha/Bar/4670
    Barut Electrodynamics and Classical Theory Ha/Bar/946
    Becker Ausbreitung elektromagnetischer Wellen Ha/Bec/3872
    Becker Theorie der Elektrizität Ha/Bec/4145
    Becker Theorie der Elektrizität Ha/Bec/4147
    Becker Theorie der Elektrizität 2 Ha/Bec/4184
    Behne Ringvorlesung zur Theoretischen Physik: Theorie d. Elektrizität Ha/Beh/2792
    Chambers An Introd. to the Math. of Electr. and Magnet. Ha/Cha/3775
    Constant Theoretical Physics Ha/Con/995
    Coulson Electricity Ha/Cou/4614
    Cowan Electromagnetism Ha/Cow/1950
    Dransfeld Physik II (Elektrondynamik) Ha/Dra/4183
    Duffin Advanced Electricity and Magnetism Ha/Duf/2312
    Eder Elektrodynamik Ha/Ede/1677
    Fischer Elektrodynamik Ha/Fis/3726
    Fließbach Elektrodynamik Ha/Fli/583
    Fließbach Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie Ha/Fli/3858
    Good Classical Theory of Electric and Magnetic Fields Ha/Goo/2598
    Grant Electromagnetism Ha/Gra/3596
    Greiner Klassische Elektrodynamik Ha/Gre/4199
    Griffiths Introduction to Electrodynamics Ha/Gri/4600
    Grimes Electromagnetism and Quantum Theory Ha/Gri/2235
    Groot The Masewell Equations Ha/Gro/2203
    Groot Foundations of Electrodynamics Ha/Gro/3505
    Hofmann Das elektromagnetische Feld Ha/Hof/3510
    Jackson Klassische Elektrodynamik Ha/Jac/1143
    Jackson Classical Electrodynamics Ha/Jac/1271
    Jackson Classical Electrodynamics Ha/Jac/1272
    Jackson Classical Electrodynamics Ha/Jac/1273
    Jackson Classical Electrodynamics Ha/Jac/4423
    Jelitto Theoretische Physik 3: Elektrodynamik Ha/Jel/3843
    King Fundamental Electromagnetic Theory Ha/Kin/339
    Klemperer Electron Physics Ha/Kle/2843
    Kneissler Die Maxwell-Theorie in veränderter Formulierung Ha/Kne/293
    Lautz Elektromagnetische Felder Ha/Lau/2451
    Lehner Elektromagnetische Feldtheorie für Ingenieure und Physiker Ha/Leh/1284
    Lehner Elektromagnetische Feldtheorie für Ingenieure und Physik Ha/Leh/3864
    Lenk Theorie elektromagnetischer Felder Ha/Len/4127
    Lewin Theory of WAve guides Ha/Lew/3604
    Mason The Electro magnetic Field Ha/Mas/338
    Matveyev Principles of Electrodynamics Ha/Mat/1200
    Maxwell A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, Vol. 1 Ha/Max/3466
    Maxwell A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, Vol. 2 Ha/Max/3467
    Maxwell Über physikalische Kraftlinien Ha/Max/1179
    Meetz Elektromagnetische Felder Ha/Mee/4775
    Meetz Elektromagnetische Felder Ha/Mee/5161
    Mitter Elektrodynamik Ha/Mit/3946
    Moussa Physique Électricité, Vol. 2 Ha/Mou/4439
    Nibler Elektromagnetische Wellen Ha/Nib/4295
    Oatley Electric and Magnetic Fields Ha/Oat/3938
    Oppenheimer Lectures on Electrodynamics Ha/Opp/2499
    Panofsky Classical Electricity Ha/Pan/1235
    Panofsky Classical Electricity a. Mag. Ha/Pan/1504
    Paris Basic Electromagnetic Theory Ha/Par/2509
    Pauli Pauli Lectures on Physics: Vol. 1 Electrodynamics Ha/Pau/4170
    Penfield Electrodynamics of Moving Media Ha/Pen/1774
    Petrascheck Elektrodynamik Ha/Pet/1875
    Podolsky Fundamentals of Electrodynamics Ha/Pod/2318
    Portis Electromagnetic Fields: Sources and Media Ha/Por/4389
    Purcell Electricity and Magnetism Ha/Pur/3861
    Read Electromagnetic Radiation Ha/Rea/4898
    Robinson Electromagnetism Ha/Rob/3793
    Rohrlich Classical Charged Particles Ha/Roh/1053
    Rojansky Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Ha/Roj/2563
    Rollnik Physikalische u. mathem. Grundlagen der E. Ha/Rol/3928
    Ruder Die spezielle Relativitätstheorie Ha/Rud/582
    Ruder Die spezielle Relativitätstheorie Ha/Rud/3836
    Sander Transmission and propagation of... Ha/San/4589
    Schwartz Principles of Electrodynamics Ha/Sch/3051
    Scharf From Electrostatics to Option Ha/Sch/824
    Sexl Raum - Zeit - Relativität Ha/Sex/3837
    Simonyi Grundgesetze des elektromagnetischen Feldes Ha/Sim/2384
    Steiner Interactions between Electro magnetic Fields and Matter Ha/Ste/3214
    Stratton Electromagnetic Theory Ha/Str/650
    Stumpf Elektrodynamik Ha/Stu/3337
    Taflove Computational electrodynamics: The Finite-difference time-domain method Ha/Taf/1647
    Tozoni Mathematical Models Evaluation Electric Ha/Toz/1860
    Vleck Electric and Magnetic Susceptibilities Ha/Vle/2680
    Whitmer Electromagnetics Ha/Whi/979
    Wolff Grundlagen und Anwendungen der Maxwellschen Theorie II Ha/Wol/2298
    Wolff Maxwellsche Theorie Ha/Wol/584
  • Hb - Magnetismus

    Aharoni Introduction to the Theory of Ferromagnetism Hb/Aha/554
    Akhiezer Spin Waves Hb/Akh/1948
    Akhiezer Spin Waves Hb/Akh/2015
    Auerbach Interacting electrons and Quantum Magnetism Hb/Aue/5402
    Bardo Elements of Theoretical Magnetism Hb/Bar/2128
    Belov Magnetic Transitions Hb/Bel/196
    Bleaney Electricity and Magnetism Hb/Ble/1055
    Bobeck Magnetic Bubbles Hb/Bob/3670
    Bozarth Ferro magnetism Hb/Boz/281
    Brown Micromagnetics Hb/Bro/1368
    Carlin Magnetic Properties of Trans. Metal Hb/Car/4135
    Casimir Magnetism and very low Temperatures Hb/Cas/340
    Conolly Bibliography of Magnetic Materials and Tabulation of Magn. Trans. Temp. Hb/Con/3338
    Craik Structure and Properties of Magnetic Materials Hb/Cra/2689
    Cracknell Magnetism in Crystalline Materials Hb/Cra/3660
    Crangle The Magnetic Properties of Solids Hb/Cra/4034
    Danielsen Quantum Mechanical Operator Equivalents Used in the Th. of Mag. Hb/Dan/3190
    Diep Theory of Magnetism Hb/Die/4309
    Demokritov Spin wave confinement Hb/Dem/1228
    Eliott Magnetic Properties of Rare Earth Metals Hb/Ell/3144
    Eschenfelder Magnetic Bubble Technology Hb/Esc/4581
    Fogedby Theor. Aspects of Mainly Low Dim. Magnetic Systems Hb/Fog/4977
    Foner Magnetism selected Topics Hb/Fon/3876
    Freeman Magnetoelectric Interaction Phen. Hb/Fre/3699
    Goodenough Magnetism and Chemical Bond Hb/Goo/5052
    Haas Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Digest 1966 Hb/Haa/2569
    Haberditzl Magnetochemie Hb/Hab/3441
    Heber Einführung in die Theorie des Magnetismus Hb/Heb/5105
    Heck Magnetic Materials and their Applications Hb/Hec/3502
    Herlach Strong and Ultrastrong Magnetic Fields Hb/Her/5121
    Hewson The Kondo Problem to Heavy Fermions Hb/Hew/5368
    Hubert Theorie der Domänenwände in geordneten Medien Hb/Hub/3484
    Hudson Principles and Applications of Magnetic Cooling Hb/Hud/3160
    Kalvius Experimental Magnetism Hb/Kal/4590
    Kirenshi Magnetismus Hb/Kir/2304
    Kneller Ferromagnetismus Hb/Kne/347
    Knoepfel Pulsed High Magnetic Fields Hb/Kno/2520
    Kronmüller Nachwirkungen in Ferromagnetika Hb/Kro/2458
    Krupicka Elements of Ther. Magnetism Hb/Kru/2061
    Krupicka Physik der Ferrite und der verwandtenmagnetischen Oxide Hb/Kru/3396
    Lambeck Barkhauseneffekt und Nachwirkung in Ferromagentika Hb/Lam/2510
    Mabbs Magnetism and Transition Meta Complexes Hb/Mab/3423
    Martin Magnetism in Solids Hb/Mar/1560
    Martin Magnetism in Solids Hb/Mar/2116
    Mattis The Theory of Magnetism Made Simple Hb/Mat/1879
    Mattis Theory of Magnetism Hb/Mat/2052
    Mattis The Theory of Magnetism Hb/Mat/2548
    Mattis The Theory of Magnetism I Hb/Mat/4805
    Mattis The Theory of Magnetism II Hb/Mat/5128
    McCoy The Trio-Dimensional Ising Model Hb/Mcc/3438
    Molin Spin Exchange Hb/Mol/4776
    Morrish The Physical Principles of Magnetism Hb/Mor/392
    Moriya Spin Fluctuations in Itinerant Electron Magnetism Hb/Mor/5146
    Nesbitt Rare Earth Permanent Magnets Hb/Nes/3231
    Nolting Quantum Theory of Magnetism Hb/Nol/2489
    Nolting Quantentheorie des Magnetismus I Hb/Nol/3614
    Nolting Quantentheorie des Magnetismus II Hb/Nol/3615
    Nolting Quantentheorie des Magnetismus I Hb/Nol/5173
    Nolting Quantentheorie des Magnetismus II Hb/Nol/5174
    Novakonic Pseudo-Spin Method in Magnetism Hb/Nov/3627
    Passaglia Measurement of Physical Properties: Magnetic Properties and Mössbauer Effect Hb/Pas/3409
    Phys. Ges. DDR Physikalische Abhandlungen aus der Sowjetunion Hb/Phy/1045
    Phys. Ges. DDR Physikalische Abhandlungen aus der Sowjetunion Hb/Phy/1046
    Poole The Theory of Magnetic Resonance Hb/Poo/3236
    Rado Magnetism Voll. IIa) Hb/Rad/144
    Rado Magnetism, Vol. II B Hb/Rad/1689
    Rado Magnetism Vol. I Hb/Rad/201
    Rado Magnetism Vol. 4 Hb/Rad/2251
    Rado Magnetism Vol. 4 Hb/Rad/2252
    Rado Magnetism, Vol. V Hb/Rad/3324
    Rado Magnetism Vol. III Hb/Rad/59
    Schnell Magnete Hb/Sch/3446
    Schieber Electromagnetic Induction Phenomena Hb/Sch/5197
    Spaldin Magnetic Materials Hb/Spa/4310
    Standley Oxide Magnetic Materials Hb/Sta/2828
    Stevens Exchange Interactions in Magnetic Insulators Hb/Ste/3743
    Taylor Magnetic Ions in Metals Hb/Tay/4017
    Tebble Magnetic Domains Hb/Teb/2434
    Tjablikow Quantentheoretische Methoden des Magnetismus Hb/Tja/2272
    Tjablikow Quantentheoretische Methoden des Magnetismus Hb/Tja/2542
    Tsymbal Handbook of Spin Transport and Magnetism Hb/Tsy/3400
    Turov Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Ferromagnets and Anti ferromagnetics Hb/Tur/2986
    Turov Phys. Prop. of Magnetically Ordered Cryst. Hb/Tur/58
    Tyablikov Methods in the Quantum Theory of Mag. Hb/Tya/1569
    Vonsovskii Magnetism, Bd. 1 Hb/Von/3605
    Vonsovskii Magnetism, Bd. 2 Hb/Von/3606
    Wagner Einführung in die Theorie des Magnetismus Hb/Wag/1230
    Weiss Magnetochemie-Grundlagen u. Anwendung Hb/Wei/4221
    White Quantum Theory of Magnetism Hb/Whi/2612
    White Quantum Theory of Magnetism Hb/Whi/4967
    White Magnetism and Magnetic Materials: 1965 Digest Hb/Whi/747
    Wolfram Surface Dynamics of Magnetic Materials Hb/Wol/3052
    Zeiger Magnetic Interactions in Solids Hb/Zei/3241


  • Hd - Relativitätstheorie

    Adler Introduction to General Relativity Hd/Adl/4117
    Arzeliès Relativistic Kinematics Hd/Arz/1572
    Arzeliès Relativistic Point Dynamics Hd/Arz/2912
    Basov Problems in the General Theory Hd/Bas/4677
    Berry Kosmologie und Gravitation Hd/Ber/5375
    Bohm The Special Theory of Relativity Hd/Boh/810
    Born Die Relativitätstheorie Hd/Bor/1451
    Brandt Physik 2: Elektrodynamik Hd/Bra/4692
    Carmeli Group Theory and General Relativity Hd/Car/4118
    Chiu Gravitation and Relativity Hd/Chi/1413
    McCrea Relativity Physics Hd/Cre/490
    Davis Classical Fields, Particles, and the Theory of Relativity Hd/Dav/2491
    Dicke The Theoretical Significance of Experimental Relativity Hd/Dic/3264
    Dingle Special Theory of Relativity Hd/Din/663
    Dirac General Theory of Relativity Hd/Dir/3792
    Eddington Space Time and Gravitation Hd/Edd/3265
    Einstein Relativitätstheorie Hd/Ein/3266
    Einstein Grundzüge der Relativitätstheorie Hd/Ein/1173
    Fließbach Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie Hd/Fli/587
    Fock The Theory of Space, Time and Gravitation Hd/Foc/1515
    Fritzsch An Equation that Changed the World Hd/Fri/3770
    Gönner Einführung in die spezifische u. allgemeine Relativitäts... Hd/Goe/5445
    Graves The Conceptual Foundations of Modern Relativity Theory Hd/Gra/2904
    Hagedorn Relativistic Kinematics Hd/Hag/813
    Hawking 300 Years of Gravitation Hd/Haw/3272
    Hawking The nature of space and time Hd/Haw/5499
    Herlt Spezielle Relativitätstheorie Hd/Her/4359
    Kacser Introduction to the Special Theory of Relativity Hd/Kac/1715
    Kilmister General Theory of Relativity Hd/Kil/3413
    Kilmister Special Theory of Relativity Hd/Kil/3414
    Laue Die Relativitätstheorie (zweiter Band) Hd/Lau/3274
    Laue Die Relativitätstheorie (erster Band) Hd/Lau/3273
    Lawden An Introd. to Tensor Calculus and Relativity Hd/Law/504
    Lorentz Das Relativitätsprinzip: Eine Sammlung von Abhandlungen Hd/Lor/1172
    Misner Gravitation Hd/Mis/3275
    Möller Theory of Relativity Hd/Mol/2378
    Nahin Time Machines Hd/Nah/3218
    Pauli Relativitätstheorie Hd/Pau/3276
    Resnick Introduction to special Relativity Hd/Res/1820
    Rindler Essential Relativity Hd/Rin/3277
    Rindler Relativitätstheorie Hd/Rin/3401
    Sard Relativistic Mechanics Hd/Sar/2589
    Sexl Relativität, Gruppen, Teilchen Hd/Sex/4059
    Shadowitz Special Relativity Hd/Sha/1798
    Shaviv General Relativity and Gravitation Hd/Sha/3278
    Smith Introduction to Special Relativity Hd/Smi/802
    Stephanie Eine Einführung in die Theorie des Gravitationsfeldes Hd/Ste/1175
    Synge The Relativistic Gas Hd/Syn/159
    Synge Relativity-The General Theory Hd/Syn/160
    Synge Relativity-The Special Theory Hd/Syn/161
    Synge Talking about Relativity Hd/Syn/2549
    Tolman Relativity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology Hd/Tol/2377
    Treder Gravitationstheorie und Äquivalenzprinzip Hd/Tre/2802
    Weber General Relativity Hd/Web/1403
    Weinberg Gravitation and cosmology Hd/Wei/5191
    Weyl Raum, Zeit, Materie Hd/Wey/3279
    Weyl Raum, Zeit, Materie Hd/Wey/2407
  • He - Plasmaphysik, Gasentladungen

    Akhiezer Collective Oscillations in a Plasma He/Akh/1626
    Akhiezer Plasma Electrodynamics Vol. 1 He/Akh/3885
    Akhiezer Plasma Electrodynamics Vol. 2 He/Akh/3886
    Alder Methods in Computational Physics, Vol. 9 He/Ald/2528
    Arzimowitsch Elementare Plasmaphysik He/Arz/3468
    Brandstather Waves, Rays and Radiation in Plasma Media He/Bra/513
    Budden Lectures on magneoionic Theory He/Bud/1277
    Cap Einführung in die Plasmaphysik I He/Cap/2999
    Cap Einführung in die Plasmaphysik III He/Cap/3057
    Cap Einführung in die Plasmaphysik II He/Cap/3198
    Dennisse Plasma Waves He/Den/1375
    Drummond Plasma Physics He/Dru/643
    Frank Vorlesung über Plasmaphysik He/Fra/1668
    Hertz Plasmaphysik und ihre technische Anwendung He/Her/3491
    Jancel Electrodynamics of Plasmas He/Jan/1602
    Kippenhahn Elementare Plasmaphysik He/Kip/3676
    Klimontovich The Statistical Theory of Nonequilibrium He/Kli/1709
    Kunkel Plasma Physics in Theory and Applicat. He/Kun/1706
    Lehnert Dynamics of Charged Particels He/Leh/140
    Linhart Plasma Physics He/Lin/295
    Mikhailovski Theory of Plasma Instabilities, Vol. 1 He/Mik/3470
    Mikhailovski Theory of Plasma Instabilities, Vol. 2 He/Mik/3471
    Northrop The Adiabatic Motion He/Nor/1370
    Shohet The Plasma State He/Sho/2673
    Simon Advances in Plasma Physics, Vol. III He/Sim/2324
    Simon Advances in Plasma Physics, Bd. 4 He/Sim/2867
    Spitzer Physics of Fully Ioniced Gases He/Spi/1400
    Steele Wave Interactions in Solid State Plasmas He/Ste/2484
    Thompson An Introduction to Plasma Physics He/Tho/596
  • Hs - Konferenzberichte, Symposien, etc. zur Elektrodynamik, Magnetismus und Relativitätstheorie

    AIP Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Hs/Aip/646
    Bates Proceedings of the International Conferences on Magnetism Hs/Bat/1001
    Becker Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 1976 Hs/Bec/3980
    Chang Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Digest 1968 Hs/Cha/2570
    Chikazumi Physics in High Magnetic Fields Hs/Chi/4777
    AIP Feedback and Dynamic Control of Plasmas Hs/Chu/3067
    CNRS Centre Nat. de la Rech. Scien.: Physique sous champs magnet. Hs/Cnr/3749
    CNRS Colloque Internat. de Magnétisme Hs/Cnr/991
    Cyrot Magnetism of Metals and Alloys Hs/Cyr/5064
    Date High field Magnetism Hs/Dat/5134
    Farnsworth Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Hs/Doy/1864
    Ehlers Methods of Local and Global Differential Geometry in General Relativity Hs/Far/2920
    Freeman 1974 Arbeitsgem. Magnetismus Conf. Braunschweig Hs/Fre/3848
    Freeman Proc. Arb. Gem. Magnetismus Hs/Fre/4186
    Freeman Proc. 1975 Arb. Gem. Magn. Conf., Münster Hs/Fre/4278
    Freeman Proc. 1976 Arb. Gem. Magn. Conf., Bad Nauheim Hs/Fre/4279
    AIP Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Hs/Gra/3101
    AIP Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Part 2 Hs/Gra/3102
    AIP Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Hs/Gra/3487
    AIP Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Hs/Gra/3488
    AIP Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Hs/Gra/3754
    Graham AIP Conf. Proceedings, Vol. 1 Hs/Gra/5067
    Graham AIP Conf. Proceedings, Vol. 2 Hs/Gra/5068
    Hooper Amorphons Magnetism Hs/Hoo/3246
    IAEA Plasma Physics and controlled, Vol. I Hs/Iae/1371
    IAEA A Survey of Phenomena in Ioniced Gases Hs/Iae/2233
    IAEA Plasma Physics Hs/Iae/687
    IEEE Transations on Magnetics Hs/Iee/3576
    Kanitscheider Das Weltbild Albert Einsteins Hs/Kan/3823
    Kolm High Magnetic Field Hs/Kol/380
    Lopuszanski Magnetism in Metals and Met. Comp. Hs/Lop/3907
    Lovesey Magnetic Excitations and Fluctuations Hs/Lov/5102
    Lowde Itinerant-Electron Magnetism Hs/Low/4131
    Marshall Theory of Magnetism in Transition Metals Hs/Mar/1987
    Morkowski Summer School on the Theory of Magnetism of Metlas, Vol. II Hs/Mor/3109
    Ringpfeil Magnetismus, Struktur und Eigenschaften magn. Festkörper Hs/Rin/1772
    Rye Physics of Hot Plasmas Hs/Rye/2343
    Sturrock Plasma Astrophysics Hs/Stu/1986