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Courses in summerterm 2021

The courses of summerterm 2021 start at 01.04.2021 and will be done in digital teaching. We will keep you informed about changes. If you have any questions, please contact Cornelia Denz at any time.

Nonlinear Waves and Solitons
Learnweb Kurs
Einschreibeschlüssel: soliton
The seminar topics are assigned digitally via a learn website. This can be found in the note in the learnweb under the following links. If necessary, first seminar lectures are held digitally via video conference.
Nonlinearities in optical and magnetic systems 114207
Photonics and data communication 114206
Seminar to structure of matter: Material for Photonics and Data communication 114194
Seminar to structure of matter: Non-linear effects 114195
Seminar: Berufs- und Kariereorientierung in der Physik
Learnweb Kurs
Einschreibeschlüssel: Karriere
Seminar Physical Milestones of Well-known Women in Physics
Learnweb Kurs
Einschreibeschlüssel: Physikerinnen
Obligatory practical exercises
Advanced laboratory course in the Institut of Applied Physics 114196
Aufgaben im Institut für Angewandte Physik 114208
Elective practical exercises
Block practical course miniresearch at the Institut für Angewandte Physik (Veranstaltung für experimentelle Studienleistungen in den Wahlpflichtfächern Nichtlineare und Angewandte Physik) 114203
Experimental exercises to optional studies in nonlinear physics 114205
Experimental exercises to optional studies in photonics and magnonics 114204
Research seminar and courses
These events will take place as video events as long as digital teaching is offered. If you are interested in participating, please contact Cornelia Denz.
Research seminar: Nonlinear photonics 114201
Nonlinear physics and applied physics, nonlinear optics, especially nonlinear optics and photonics 114198