New Publication in Advanced Functional Materials

Light-Induced Virtual Electrodes for Microfluidic Droplet Electro-Coalescence
R. Zamboni, C. Sebastián-Vicente, C. Denz, J. Imbrock
Adv. Funct. Mater., 2305286 (2023)

New Publication in Advanced Photonics Research

Stealthy Hyperuniform Surface Structures for Efficiency Enhancement of Organic Solar Cells
M. Merkel, M. Stappers, D. Ray, C. Denz, J. Imbrock
Adv. Photonics Res., 2300256 (2023)

New publication in Nanophotonics

Noncontractible loop states from a partially flat band in a photonic borophene lattice
P. Menz, H. Hanafi, J. Imbrock, and C. Denz
Nanophotonics 12, 3409-3415 (2023)
DOI: 10.1515/nanoph-2023-0222

New Publication in Optics Express

Fabrication and mechanical characterization of hydrogel-based 3D cell-like structures
R. Kumar, D. Dzikonski, E. Bekker, R. Vornhusen, V. Vitali, J. Imbrock, and C. Denz
Opt. Express 31, 29174-29186 (2023)
DOI: 10.1364/OE.496888

New publication in Photonics Research

Pseudospin-2 in photonic chiral borophene
P. Menz, H. Hanafi, D. Leykam, J. Imbrock, C. Denz
Photonics Res.  (2023)
DOI: 10.1364/PRJ.486916

New publication in Optics Express

Transverse energy flow in an optical Skyrmionic Hopfion
R. Droop, D. Ehrmanntraut, C. Denz
Opt. Express 31, 11185 (2023)
DOI: 10.1364/OE.480471

New publication in Journal of Physics: Photonics

Roadmap for Optical Tweezers
G. Volpe et. al.
JPhys. Photonics (2023)
DOI: 10.1088/2515-7647/acb57b

New publication in Journal of Chemical Physics

Understanding the Formation of Surface Relief Gratings in Azopolymers: A Combined Molecular Dynamics and Experimental Study
M. Merkel, A. Elizabeth, M. Böckmann, H. Mönig, C. Denz, N. Doltsinis
J. Chem. Phys. (2023)

New publication in Physical Review

Titled Dirac cones and asymmetric conical diffraction in photonic Lieb-kagome lattices
J. P. Lang, H. Hanafi, J. Imbrock and C. Denz
Physical Review A 107 (2023);

New publication in APL Photonics

Localized dynamics arising from multiple flat bands in a decorated photonic Lieb lattice
H. Hanafi, P. Menz, A. McWilliam, J. Imbrock, and C. Denz
APL Photonics 7, 111301 (2022);

New publication in Physik in unserer Zeit

Licht in Form gebracht "Strukturiertes Licht – von Kaustiken zu Lichtknoten"
R. Droop, E. Ehrmanntraut, E. Otte and C. Denz
PIUZ 53(6), 281 (2022);

New publication in Optics Express

Thermally assisted fabrication of nonlinear photonic structures in lithium niobate with femtosecond laser pulses
J. Imbrock, D. Szalek, S. Laubrock, H. Hanafi and C. Denz
Opt. Express 30, 39340 (2022); DOI:10.1364/OE.470716