Best Paper Award CGO'18

The ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) is one of the world’s top conferences in the area of software development, compilation and optimization.

We are pleased to announce that the highly renowned Best Paper Award of CGO 2018 has been awarded to our latest paper titled "High Performance Stencil Computations with Lift".

These are the authors:

M.Sc. Bastian Hagedorn – main author, PhD student in the parallel and distributed systems group (PVS) at the University of Muenster,

Prof. Sergei Gorlatch – Leader of the PVS group at the University of Muenster,

Dr. Michel Steuwer – Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, former PhD student in the PVS group,

M.Sc. Larisa Stolzfus – PhD student at the University of Edinburgh,

Prof. Christophe Dubach – Reader at the University of Edinburgh.

In the course of a festive ceremony, the award has been conferred to Bastian Hagedorn by the Program Chairperson of the symposium Mrs. Teresa Johnson (Google), see photo.

This work is the result of our ongoing cooperation with the universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh (UK) within the Lift Project, which will continue in the future. As part of this cooperation, we plan to offer topics for bachelor and master theses as well as student research projects.

Best Paper Award CGO'18
© Michel Steuwer
28 Feb, 2018 (L-R) Christophe Dubach, Larisa Stoltzfus, Michel Steuwer, Bastian Hagedorn and Teresa Johnson.
© Michel Steuwer

Open research associate position

The parallel and distributed systems research group has an open PhD position as research associate. For more information, see here.