To adequately address the main objectives of NoMADS we organize the structure of this project according to seven work packages (WP). WP 1-3 are concerned with basic mathematical research on nonlocal methods and constitute the foundation for new innovations within NoMADS. The theoretical investigation will study the theory of nonlocal methods from different perspectives. In particular, WP 1 is dedicated to a theoretical understanding of nonlocal methods in a continuous setting, while WP 2 addresses graph-based representations as main tool to formulate nonlocal problems in a discrete setting. The question of consistency between these two different frameworks arises naturally in this context and is in the focus of WP 3. Hence, WP 3 is settled at the interface of WP 1 and 2 and has to deal with information flows from both sides. WP 4 concerns the development of algorithms and plays a key role as it represents the translational part in this project, which is positioned at the intersection of theory and practice. For the realisation of this work package, there will be a lot of exchange with WP 1-3 as well as with WP 5. WP 4 assures the feasibility and efficiency of new methods and algorithms in order to be exploitable in industrial applications in the presence of large data sets. WP 5 is focused on application and exploitation of new algorithms and the development of software products with real requirements to increase the competitiveness of our industrial partners. Key problems are tackled on a wide variety of data from different modalities and application scenarios. Newly developed algorithms will be tested and evaluated within this work package. Additionally, a majority of the dissemination and training takes place in this work package, implemented by secondments and collaborations. There is a strong bidirectional information flow with WP 4, based on joint definition of requirements, exchange of data, and the evaluation of novel methods. We employ WP 6 to monitor and steer the transfer of knowledge within NoMADS, but also towards external target audiences and the publicity. Furthermore, we will establish the dedicated management work package WP 7 to guarantee the effectiveness and consistency of our work plan.

Structure of NoMADS
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