The main objective of work package 6  is to elaborate and establish measures for knowledge transfer for nonlocal methods between the participating groups of the project, within the mathematical community, and towards the public. By this we aim to further accelerate progress in the investigation and application of nonlocal methods. In particular, we plan to organize dedicated workshops and minisymposia at conferences on nonlocal methods to exchange new approaches and algorithms. To enable an efficient exchange between all participants of NoMADS, we will establish a server-based exchange platform for collaboration on data, code, ideas, and joint papers. Our ultimate goal is to translate sophisticated methods to industry by founding sustainable cooperations between academic researchers and corporations on this topic. Furthermore, we want to implement nonlocal methods into standard lectures at universities to ensure a sustainable growth of young academic researchers in this field. Finally, we want to increase the overall trust in new algorithms by implementing an evaluation database for nonlocal methods on real world problems in comparison with traditional approaches.