Invited Speakers

  • Martin Axt
    University of Bayreuth, Germany
    Different ways how phonons affect photon entanglement in dot-cavity systems
  • Alistair Brash
    University of Sheffield, UK
    Photon statistics of filtered quantum dot resonance fluorescence
  • Alexey Chernikov
    University of Regensburg, Germany
    Exciton diffusion in 2D materials
  • Keshav M. Dani
    Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Onna, Japan
    Observing momentum-forbidden dark excitons in monolayer WSe2 via time-, space- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  • Hui Deng
    University of Michigan, USA
    Interlayer excitons in van der Waals heterostructures
  • Matthias Florian
    University of Bremen, Germany
    Strain-localized exciton states in WSe2 nanostructures - comparison of microscopic theory with nano-optical imaging and spectroscopy
  • Marina Gerhard
    University of Marburg, Germany
    Metastable defects in perovskite nanocrystals probed by photoluminescence micro-spectroscopy
  • Joel Grim
    Naval Research Laboratory, USA
    Toward scalable integrated quantum networks with InAS QDs
  • Alexander Holleitner
    Technical University of Munich, Germany
    Condensation of multi-valley physics of excitons in vdW heterobilayers
  • Andreas Knorr
    Technical University of Berlin, Germany
    Ultrafast exciton-exciton interactions in atomically thin semiconductors
  • Lukas Lackner
    University of Oldenburg, Germany
    Coupling of WS2 monolayer excitons in a photonic lattice
  • Claire Le Gall
    University of Cambridge, UK
    Towards a collective nuclear memory for quantum-dot spin qubits
  • Chao-Yang Lu
    University of Sciences and Technology of China, Hefei, China
    Scalable photonic quantum technologies
  • Philipp Merkl
    University of Regensburg, Germany
    Ultrafast transition between exciton phases in van der Waals bilayers
  • Galan Moody
    University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
    Quantum light generation with 2D semiconductors
  • Ana Predojevic
    Stockholm University, Sweden
    Resonant excitation and coherent manipulation of quantum dots for quantum information experiments
  • Doris Reiter
    University of Münster, Germany
    Theoretical modeling of carrier dynamics and optical signals in monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides
  • Pascale Senellart
    Université Paris-Sud, France
    Quantum-dot based quantum light sources: performances, reproducibility and applications
  • Richard Warburton
    University of Basel, Switzerland
    A low-noise quantum dot in a microcavity
  • Wang Yao
    University of Hong Kong, China
    Moiré excitons and cavity polaritons in heterobilayer semiconductors