The Remote Sensing and Spatial Modeling Forum brings the staff of the working group and advanced master students together. In a weekly meeting, topics from current and potential future research fields are discussed. We picture this gathering as a means for exchanging, deepening and broadening knowledge, perspectives and skills within our research group network.

Current scientific literature will be read and discussed and specific methodical approaches / skills of interest to the forum members can be shared in form of small workshops. At the beginning of the term, forum members will propose specific topics and commit to responsibility for a session. This includes either proposing literature for all members to be read before the meeting and preparing to guide the discussion or designing a workshop session. Thus, the forum program will be tailored to current research passions – possibly integrated in future terms by a common metatheme.

Participation is highly encouraged for master students with intentions of writing their thesis in our research group to facilitate the development of research questions that are both close to the current research in the working group and codeveloped by the students.

Kurs im HIS-LSF

Semester: WiSe 2023/24