In this course, we will learn about some selected issues in US criminal procedure law. The course begins with a general overview of the US criminal justice system (parties involved; differences between civil and criminal proceedings) . We will learn about due process guarantees provided in the US Constitution. The concept of punishment is discussed (purposes and goals of punishment). We will then continue with the Trial Process, which will include the following topics: (a) burden of proof in criminal cases (here two short videos will be presented) and (b) plea bargaining in the USA (here a group activity will take place). The course concludes with lessons on the 4th Amendment’s Search and Seizure Protections, the Exclusionary Rule and “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” doctrine, and Confessions (Miranda Warnings). At the conclusion of the course, students will have learned important terminology in criminal procedure law and the criminal justice system as well as to critically consider/discuss some of the legal issues presented. 

Kurs im HIS-LSF

Semester: WT 2023/24