In this seminar we study the theoretical foundations and selected empirical studies of global sociology. The aim is to understand the worldwide diffusion, negotiation and institutionalisation of cultural, political, and legal standards, as well as their local adaptation. Together we will try to understand theoretical concepts advanced by world system theories, neo-institutionalism, and social movement scholars. We apply them to a variety of topics such as migration, culture, human rights, environment and education. Questions we encounter in the class are, for example: Why and how do cultural practices, human rights norms, environmental movements, evaluation standards spread worldwide? How are global norms translated into local practices? How are social stratification and international migration processes related? How do NGOs, experts and religious groups influence the values and practices of humanitarian aid? These and other questions will enable us to get to know both the theory and empirics of the field of global sociology.

Kurs im HIS-LSF

Semester: ST 2023