This seminar examine the impact of computer-mediated communication (CMC) on the many forms of relationships: family, intimate, professional, peers. The seminar will examine how CMC influence the stages of a relationship; the affordances and impacts of various social networking services, such as Instagram or Twitter. The adaptions and evolution emerging from the affordances of CMC, such as linguistic, non-verbal, symbolic among other adaptations.

Journalism as a societal institution is in crisis – this assessment is not new, but quite persistent. Indeed, many observers claim that the demise of ”mainstream journalism” cannot be stopped, and that it is the inevitable result of a transformation process unleashed by the technological revolution of online and mobile communication. With lowered access barriers to information production and distribution, news flows are not relying on professionalized news organizations anymore. This leads to notable de- and reconstruction processes, and serious conflict in media and society, as new actors (like so called ‘alternative media’) and intermediaries (like online platform providers) gain further relevance while traditional journalistic outlets suffer. In this seminar, we will analyze the de- and reconstruction processes of journalism from various perspectives. The seminar will be a mixture of literature work, case analyses, and discussions with international journalism researchers specialized in the topic.

active participation, (group) presentation, essay/report

Kurs im HIS-LSF

Semester: ST 2022