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The topic of lobbying is not only the subject of ongoing controversial debates in politics and the public sphere, but has also been addressed in the social sciences for decades.  In this MA seminar, we investigate the different channels via which interest groups try to influence policymakers (e.g., party donations, informational lobbying, etc.) and discuss the possibilities and limits of the regulation of the different influence channels.  More specifically, the possibilities and limits of lobbying regulations will be explored based on existing empirical studies from the social science literature on lobbying and students' own analyses.


A detailed Syllabus (seminar program, literature, etc.) will be presented in the first seminar session which will take place at the beginning of the winter term 2021/2022.  The exact date of this first session will be announced shortly via e-mail to all students who got a seminar place (see the registration information below).  The other sessions will take place as a two-day workshop on Friday 28-Jan-2022 and Saturday 29-Jan-2022.


Required Coursework (Studienleistung): Short presentation (Referat) to one of the topics covered in the seminar.


Final Examination (Pruefungsleistung): Seminar paper (Hausarbeit).


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Kurs im HIS-LSF

Semester: WT 2021/22