This seminar examine the impact of computer-mediated communication (CMC) on the many forms of relationships: family, intimate, professional, peers. The seminar will examine how CMC influence the stages of a relationship; the affordances and impacts of various social networking services, such as Instagram or Twitter. The adaptions and evolution emerging from the affordances of CMC, such as linguistic, non-verbal, symbolic among other adaptations.

Journalism is often understood as something inherent to a language zone or a nation, bound to the politics and cultural specifics of a certain place and time. However, that does not mean that journalism research needs to be confined to the boundaries of analyzing one’s ‘own’ national journalism system only – on the contrary: an international, and potentially global approach widens our understanding of what ‘journalism’ can mean in varying contexts. Such a perspective may be case based or comparative, focusing on individual examples in depth, or comparing features across nations. Whatever the approach: no only does it help in understanding ‘the other’, but it also helps in clarifying the specifics and limitations of one’s own system vis-à-vis the comparative cases.


True to its global perspective, this seminar will focus on journalism systems from all over the world (i.e. multiple continents, with variability between examples from North/South, East/West). For a better understanding of the various places, situations and systems, two core seminar elements will be mixed: In student-prepared sessions, we will first discuss the national situation, news organizations and actors of a given place and system (i.e. a multi-level analysis), to lay the foundations for a basic understanding. Then, scientists from these locations (or with fitting expertise) will give further insight on these systems and their research in special ‘invited guest sessions’ (via Zoom).


Requirements: active participation, presentation, essay/paper (Hausarbeit)


Please note: English language course, also suitable for comm studies ERASMUS students.

Kurs im HIS-LSF

Semester: ST 2021