Hinweis: Im WiSe 2020/21 findet diese Lehrveranstaltung online statt!

Information flows in a network society are partially bypassing traditional journalism. News are increasingly produced, filtered, processed and shared elsewhere – various non-proprietory platforms, social media channels and ‘alternative’ news providers contribute to a complex (and sometimes confusing) multiplicity of sources and information providers. This also poses issues for journalism research, which needs to adapt to new objects of research and to rethink its own self-understanding as a field. Indeed, international journalism research is in a process of transformation, and several theoretical concepts were proposed recently as a reaction to the current changes. Further, a growing number of empirical studies focus on fringe actors of the news system and the blurring boundaries of journalism.

In this seminar, we will categorizes and analyze journalistic alternatives in public communication. Further, we will discuss international research on these from a ”new breed” of academics (and potentially do so with some of these scholars via ‘invited guest sessions’).

active participation, presentation, essay/paper (Hausarbeit)

English language course, also suitable for comm studies ERASMUS students

Kurs im HIS-LSF

Semester: WT 2020/21