Hinweis: Im WiSe 2020/21 findet diese Lehrveranstaltung online statt!

Online communities on various platforms play an important role in the lives of people these days. This transformation of everyday life happened during the last two decades – but the impact on personal and social experience has been immense. Research is still trying to understand both the beneficial and negative effects of these changes: Some identify destructive effects on the individual and society through toxicity in such communities, while others point out the beneficial effects of online contacts or support groups. Indeed, the messages of science in the debate are partially contradictory and may seem paradox from the perspective of outside observers.

Therefore, we will critically assess both research on the beneficial and destructive effects of online communities. Further, we will analyze various cases (i.e. communities) for both positive and negative aspects. The seminar will include a discussion of works from comm studies, but also from related fields (like psychology, sociology and political science).

active participation, presentation, essay/paper (Hausarbeit)

English language course, also suitable for comm studies ERASMUS students

Kurs im HIS-LSF

Semester: WT 2020/21