Climate change, terror attacks, stock market crashes, civil wars – the media deals with a variety of different crises in its coverage. In this seminar, we will discuss why the media deal with certain events as crises, how they do so and what effects the coverage might have both on the audience and on journalists themselves. After establishing an understanding of crises events, we will explore the seminar’s topic by analyzing and critically reflecting a number of relevant studies focusing on different aspects of the issue. Students will form groups to deal more in-depth with specific types of crises and present their insights in class. We will also focus on research and discuss different possible approaches to examining media coverage of crises. Finally, we will incorporate current examples of media coverage of crises and discuss the implications of our insights for media practice.
  • Non-graded work: regular attendance, research assignment, group presentation
  • Graded work: paper or abstracts

Kurs im HIS-LSF

Semester: ST 2020