Site description

The station is situated on the institute's roof at Heisenbergstraße 2.

Geographical latitude 51°58′09.34806” N
Geographical longitude 7°35'45.16282” E
Altitude AMSL 84 m

Measurand Instrument Description
Air temperature
Relative humidity
Young Typ 41382VC brief information

Wind speed and
Wind direction

Gill WindSonic (2D)
Young Wind Monitor 05103-45
brief information
Precipitation Tipping bucket
brief information
Air pressure Young Typ 61302V brief information
Shortwave radiation Kipp & Zonen Typ CMP6
brief information
Weather code
Biral SWS100 brief information
Cloud base height
Total cloud cover
Lufft Ceilometer
CHM 15k „Nimbus“
brief information