In line with the transfer strategy of the University of Münster, the Centre for Advanced Study also focuses on the transfer of knowledge to cultural heritage and other public institutions, to art and museum education and to the interested national and international public (e. g. as an art audience).

In October 2023, the Centre – together with the initiative Zugang gestalten! Mehr Verantwortung für das kulturelle Erbe (Shaping Access! More Responsibility for Cultural Heritage) – organized a conference on the question of how far and to what extent law influences curatorial decisions, which is primarily aimed at a specialist audience from the field of cultural heritage institutions.

Memoranda and statements are planned, for example for the German Federal Ministry of Justice, which will critically accompany the legal development with regard to access to cultural goods from an art-scientific and ethical perspective.

In addition, with the participation of the artist-in-residence fellows and based in renowned museums and art institutions, exhibitions are to form another mode of transferring research results.