The node ZIVSMP is the frontend of the cluster ZIVHPC, but also serves as an interactive platform for different applications (e.g. Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, S-Plus) using more hardware ressources than available on a desktop computer.
With MPI it is possible to run applications via Infiniband on all cluster nodes.
The directories /home and /scratch are available on the whole cluster.

The Hardware

ZIVSMP consists of a 64 AMD-Opteron cores with 2.5 GHz CPUs. The main memory consists of 512 GB.

The Software

Sice May 2013, the operating system ist CentOS 6. The batch system is torque and maui. Via a module system, the installed applications can be managed.


ZIVSMP gaines 229,5 GFlops in the LINPACK-Benchmarks wurden sowohl auf dem SMP-System allein sowie auf dem Gesamtsystem (ZIVSMP plus ZIVHPC) gerechnet.

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