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ISP Programme Outline Christianity in Asia Munster 2014

Intensive Study Programme / Summerschool 14-27 Sept 2014

Venue:            Faculty of Catholic Theology - University of Münster

Johannisstr. 8-10

D - 48143 Münster, Germany   

Room No: KThS I

The ISP "Christianity in Asia" brings together post-fieldwork M.A. and Ph.D. students with early-career researchersfrom different disciplines in a shared platform to discuss their ideas and research vis-à-vis the state of the art provided by the authors of the new Oxford Handbook on Christianity in Asia (2014). It convenes around 30 scholars as well as 60 to 80 advanced students from different diciplines engaged in that new field of study to present their respective research projects and strategies exploring Christianity in Asia. The ISP aims to foster interdisciplinary research collaborations as well as increase public awareness fof this field's growing relevance to Theology and Religious Studies as well as the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The ISP is structured along five thematic areas:

  • Mapping of Asian Christianity
  • Cross-Cultural Flows and Pan-Asian Movements of Asian Christianity
  •  Asian Christianity and the Social-Cultural Process
  •  Asian Christianity in its Interaction with Asian Religious Traditions
  •  Future Trajectories of Asian Christianity

Thereby the ISP builds on the new Oxford Handbook on Christianity in Asia and benefits from the prolific research and essays of its contributors participating at the programme. Especially, the ISP seeks to expand the scope and insights of their studies through presentationis of students' and junior researchers' scholarship.

Individual participants (post-graduate students and junior researchers) interested in the ISP are required to stay for the entire 2 week programme period and to give a presentation on their current research related to some are of Christianity in Asia (e.g. from their Master / PhD thesis or post-doc research). Part-time participants are welcome to attend for one or more of the thematic blocks, but ECTS points can only be awarded to full-time participants. Travel and accomodation stipends are available to selected number of full-time participants.

On this site, you find further information, programme details and application forms. Presentation proposals and applications with scanned registration documents (see above "Participation/Registration) are expected as early as possible and latest by June 1st, 2014 at[at]uni-muenster[dot]de.