About the history of the New Testament Seminar

The time before the Second World War: With the founding of the faculty of Protestant Theology at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in the year 1914, the history of the New Testament Seminar in Münster began. After the first ordinarius, Johannes Leipoldt, had moved to Leipzig, Otto Schmitz became head of department until 1934. He was followed by Hans Wilhelm Schmid 1934, who was followed by Hans Emil Weber 1935. Weber left the institute in the year 1937. In 1937, the dean Friedrich Wilhelm Schmidt announced that the faculty is looking for more theologians, so that Helmut Kittel was announced as official head of the department in 1938.

The time after the Second World War: With the restructuring of the faculty after the war 1945, Helmuth Schreiner was responsible for casting new staff. After several failures, in the winter semester 1947/48 Karl-Heinrich Rengstorf was appointed new director of the seminar, (1952/1953 he was also dean of university), and was active until 1971. With the appointment of Werner Foerster as Ordinarius, the New Testament Seminar had two directors. Ernst Haenchen was also part of the institute and gave lectures from 1949 and had a teaching contract for Latin courses. In this time, he composed his commentaries on the Book of Acts, as well as commentaries on the Gospels of Mark and John. Werner Foerster was followed by Willi Marxsen 1961 who was active in Münster until 1984. From 1967-1993, Günter Klein was part of the New Testament Seminar with Alfred Suhl (1972 to 1999) and Martin Rese (1980-2000).

Founding of the Faculty of Protestant Theology

Otto Schmitz succeeds the first holder of a chair (Ordinarius): Johannes Leipoldt

Hans Wilhelm Schmidt succeeds Otto Schmitz

Hans Emil Weber succeeds Hans Wilhelm Schmidt

Appointment of Helmut Kittel

Restructuring of the Faculty and its practice of appointment by Helmuth Schreiner

New appointment on the NT chair with Karl-Heinrich Rengstorf (1952/1953, also president of the WWU)

Appointment of Werner Foerster as a second holder of a chair (Ordinarius)

Willi Marxsen succeeds Werner Foerster

Appointment of Günter Klein as holder of the chair (Ordinarius); in the years to come Alfred Suhl (1972-1999) and Martin Rese (1980-2000) were appointed as NT professors

Dietrich-Alex Koch succeeeds Willi Marxsen

Jens-Wilhelm Taeger succeeeds Günter Klein

Hermut Löhr succeeds Jens-Wilhelm Taeger

After the closing of the Institute of Protestant Theology and its didactics Christina Hoegen-Rohls (Professor of Biblical Studies [Old and New Testament] and its didactics) joins the Institute of New Testament studies

Eve-Marie Becker succeeds Hermut Löhr