Library (library of the Seminar for Church History II) (Reformation, New and Current Church History)

The library of our seminar includes sources and research literature about church and theological history of the 16th to 20th century

It is distributed into the area of reformation (signatures KG III, room 102), orthodoxy, pietism and Enlightenment (KG IV, room 101) as well as the newest time starting with the 19th century until current Church History (KG V, room 101). Some collections can be found within the denominational studies (KG V, rom 101).

Here you can download a full list of the systematics as well as all signatures in a pdf-format (KG III and KG VI).

Special focus of the collection lies on literature of the reformation, such as the theology of Martin Luther, as well as pietism and theological enlightenment. Valuable collections can be accessed after prior introduction in the room of assistants. These parts of the collection can be found in the compactus-collection, these are found at the corresponding doors of the library rooms. You can get keys to the compactus-collections at the security post on the ground floor.

Research in the catalogue:

If you enter our signatures (KG…) in the second line of the ULB search mask you can find material from our library.