About the Journal

The Münster Journal of Islamic and Philosophical Studies (eISSN 2749-4330) was founded in 2022. The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Dr. Muhannad Khorshid. It also includes Dr. Yassine Yahyaoui and Dr. Abderrahmane Zaatri in the editorial board. The Journal publishes three issues a year in Arabic and in digital form. Each digital version has a special issue and also provides space for studies, reviews and translations of academic studies into Arabic. The journal aims to provide a space for communication between specialists in Islamic theology, researchers in Islamic studies, and researchers in philosophy. It sees itself as a scholarly platform for thinking about new approaches within these disciplines. In addition, the journal serves as a networking platform for international scholars interested in critical thinking about traditional methods in Islamic sciences and in creating new approaches and methods in Islamic teaching and Islamic studies. It is of paramount importance to the publisher and editors that the results of the research work of Jewish, Christian, and philosophical scholars from German-speaking countries are made available to Arabic-speaking scholars, thus inviting all interested parties to present themselves and their contributions.