QTRAP 6500+- Triple Quadupole Mass Spectrometer (Sciex, Darmstadt)

The QTRAP 6500+ triple quadrupol system has built in a linear ion trap (LIT) as Q3.  While having the capability to function like a standard triple quad LC-MS/MS, it also doubles as a linear ion trap (LIT), proprietary technology that can perform a multitude of additional workflows beyond basic multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) for better specificity and quantitative performance. The QTRAP functionality opens the door to being able to run quantitative MRMs, MS³-Ion trap fragmentation and qualitative scans.


MicrOTOF QII Mass Spectrometer (Bruker Daltonics, Bremen, Germany)

The MicroTOF QII on bench quadrupol time-of-flight mass spectrometer is coupled with an Ultimate  3000 RS Dionex-UHPLC-System (Dionex Softron, Germering, Germany). Molecular formula verification, de novo formula generation, multi-target screening and pharmacokinetik studies are just a few application examples which can be covered by the high performance TOF-MS systems. High resolution and mass accuracy in combination with true isotopic pattern allows sum formula determination or high resolved extracted ion chromatograms with <2mDa mass window. The universal ion source architecture allows both ESI and APCI to be applied.

Additional a DirectProbe-APCI-Interface is available. It allows direct analysis of liquid and solid samples without tedious sample preparation.



ISQ Single Quadrupol Mass Spectrometer (Thermo-Scientific, Bremen, Germany)

The ISQ runs electron ionisation (EI) or chemical ionisation (CI) on samples eluted from the attached GC. GC-MS samples can be analysed on a TG-5 SilMS Column (Thermo Fisher Scientific). Additional direct sample probe technology can be applied.