The labs of the research group are equipped with facilities for synthesis, purification and characterization of photoactive coordination compounds and materials, including preparative chromatography (PuriFlash with quadrupole mass spectrometric and UV-Vis detection), Schlenk-lines, stirring plates, balances and RotaVaps. Our spectroscopy facilities include a cryostat for temperature-dependent luminescence measurements from 4 K to 110 °C (Oxford Instruments and ARS), integrating spheres (Hamamatsu and PicoQuant) for absolute fluorescence quantum yield determination (77K and room temperature, UV-NIR), a Cary 5000 and a Cary 100 (Varian) double beam spectrophotometers. A liquid nitrogen-cooled Hamamatsu detector is available for stationary state and time resolved detection between 300 nm and 1400 nm. A spectrofluorimeter PicoQuant FluoTime 300 (stationary state and time resolved, 50 ps – 100 ms, 300 nm- 1400 nm, with photon counting electronics, picoseconds laser heads and a pulsed flash lamp) including a thermostatic sample holder, excitation and emission polarizers, is also available. We use a potentiostat and electrodes for electrochemical characterization in solution (AMETEK VERSASTAT3-200 - Advanced DC Voltammetry System). The microscopy lab is equipped with a fluorescence microscope (Leica) and a MicroTime 200 (PicoQuant) spatiotemporally resolved confocal fluorescence microscope. Dynamic light scattering measurements (diameter and zeta potential) are carried out on a Malvern Zetasizer Ultra. IR and NMR spectroscopy measurements as well as mass spectrometric and elemental analyses are carried out in central facilities generously provided by the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy at WWU. Facilities for surface analysis (AFM, STM, SEM-FIB) are available in cooperation with research groups from CeNTech.