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As you look ahead to your future career, various occasions may arise during your studies when you need some one-on-one professional coaching. Our coaches can help you:

> achieve your goals in a more focused, motivated manner
> make important decisions
> manage nervousness and exude self-confidence in key situations (e.g. job interviews)
> handle challenges as you enter professional life

During the coaching process, specific questioning techniques and methods will help you clarify your concerns, reflect on obstructive thought patterns, activate your resources and potentials, and develop new ideas and perspectives.

You can get the most benefit from this service if you consider in advance which concrete goals you would like to achieve with the coaching support.

Where does coaching take place?

Careers Service, Botanicum, Schlossgarten 3, 48149 Münster, Entrance B, Rm. 133

When does coaching take place?

To make an appointment, please call Ms Isabelle Kremer at +49 251 83-32283.

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Isabelle Kremer
Tel: +49 251 83-32283
Email: Isabelle.Kremer@uni-muenster.de