Mission Statement

The purpose of UniMS-CERT is to assist the University of Münster community in responding to IT security incidents when they occur and to assist members of the constituency in implementing proactive measures to reduce the risk of such incidents (for example by finding security issues). The main goal is to protect the University of Münster, including its community and infrastructure, from negligent or illegal usage of its IP addresses or resources. UniMS-CERT acts as the central coordinator for IT security related events and information in its constituency.


UniMS-CERT's constituency is defined as the community of the University of Münster, including but not limited to employees, students and general users of the university's IT systems (see "Policy on Information Security" [de]). This also includes decentralized departments of the university and their members. UniMS-CERT is responsible for investigating IT security incidents related to all on-site systems of the university, as well as devices connecting to the university's networks. The support given varies depending on the system's location and type, as well as the related users' groups.

UniMS-CERT provides services for the following public IP address spaces:

  • 2001:638:500::/48
  • 2001:4cf0::/29

As well as for the following domains:


Sponsorship and Affiliation

UniMS-CERT was established on the 2000/01/14 and is sponsored by the IT center (CIT) of University of Münster. It is part of the executive department for IT security and cooperates closely with the IT security team. Its offices have been established at the IT center.

UniMS-CERT maintains affiliations with DFN-CERT [de] and various university CSIRTs throughout Germany on an as-needed basis. The team is active in the CERT-Verbund [de], EDUCV [de] and TF-CSIRT communities.


UniMS-CERT operates under the patronage of, and with authority delegated by, the IT center (CIT) of University of Münster. This was defined and passed in the university's "Policy on Information Security" [de].

UniMS-CERT expects to work cooperatively with system administrators and users from the constituency, and, as far as possible, to avoid authoritarian relationships. However, should circumstances warrant it, UniMS-CERT will appeal to the IT center (CIT) to exert its authority, direct or indirect, as necessary, e.g. through deactivation of user accounts or blocking of network access for devices.

Members of the constituency who wish to appeal the actions of UniMS-CERT should contact the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or the IT commission [de] of University of Münster.


Reports should always be send to for a fast and reliable processing, even in case of illness or vacation of team members. Currently the following members are part of UniMS-CERT:

Dustin Gawron
(Team Leader)
PGP KeyId: 0x54BEAF4F
Fingerprint: 7CE1 3BEB B5BF 8DD4 06C1 57E0 3734 676F 54BE AF4F