AG Hippler - (vi) N-glycosylation in algae

The N-glycosylation pathway in C. reinhardtii was disentangled in 2013 and many enzymes have been suggested as putative N-glycosyltransferases (Mathieu-Rivet et al., 2013). In recent work we revealed the function of two candidate genes (Man1A and XylT1A) in N-glycosylation of C. reinhardtii (Schulze et al., 2018) and analyzed the role of two other putative glycosyltransferases (FucT encoded as Cre18.g749697 and XylT1B encoded as Cre16.g678997) (Lucas et al., 2020, Oltmanns et al., 2020). Taking advantage of single-cell adhesion force measurements, our data revealed that cell adhesion was significantly impaired in C. reinhardtii N-glycosylation mutant strains (Man1A, XylT1A and a double mutant generated by genetic crossing) as compared to WT (Xu et al., 2020). Our data further suggested that flagellar assembly (data not shown), intraflagellar transport (IFT) and FMG1-B transport into flagella were not affected by altered N-glycosylation. Thus, we suggest that N-glycosylation of flagellar proteins is crucial for adhering C. reinhardtii cells onto surfaces. To further elucidate this phenotype, we aim to continue our collaborative adhesion force measurements using mutant strains which are devoid of core xylose and fucose (Oltmanns et al., 2020).

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