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Biblical themed walk through the Botanical garden

The exhibition „The Lord planted a Garden in Eden“ at the Bible Museum dealing with plants in the Bible inspired a collaboration with the Botanical Garden, where 35 plants mentioned in the Bible will be on display until the 5th November. Owing to weather conditions frost sensible flowers can only be seen until the end of October.

The themed walk allows visitors to learn more about the biological and biblical background of selected plants while contemplating the real life specimens along the way.

The walk can be undertaken at any time during the opening hours of the Botanical Garden. Information regarding the plants can be accessed by scanning the codes attached to the plants or by consulting the following list. There are two printed copies for visitors without end device available at the pavilion of the Botanical garden.

Both Bible Museum (Pferdegasse 1, 48143 Münster) and Botanical Garden (Schlossgarten 5, 48149 Münster) are free of charge.