Conference Venues

The keynotes will take place at the Schloss. Panel sessions will be held in three different buildings of the university. They are located within walking distance of each other.

Here is a link to an interactive map of Münster on which you can see our conference venues and accommodation.

English Department
Johannisstr. 12-20, 48143 Münster


Domplatz 20-22, 48143 Münster

"Religion and Politics" - Cluster of Excellence at the WWU Münster
Johannisstr. 1, 48143 Münster 

Conference Warming & Dinner

The Conference Warming will take place at the Café GASOLIN; a local bar close to the university. Address: Aegidiistr. 45, 48143 Münster.  

The Conference Dinner will take place at the Schlossgarten, a beautifully placed restaurant in the centre of the university garden. Address: Schlossgarten 4, 48149 Münster.