Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a ticket?

a) Reserve a ticket by writing an e-mail.
b) Buy the ticket at the night, directly before the show.

What are you playing?

The plays are chosen by the member after long discussions. During the last decade it was mainly modern drama. A lot of criteria are being considered but the main question is probably whether it is doable. In 2010 we were in the lucky position to tackle a play by Shakespeare. We need a huge ensemble, enough time, ideas and other resources. After that we probably getting back to modern classics.

Who can take part?

Almost everybody. There are no hard rules. It is more a question of sharing the want for doing a really good performance. We are always looking for people who want live up to their creative potential.
Please do not expect to get a leading part right from the beginning. Most of the people in our group started with a job in background. We like to get to know the people before we meet them onstage. These jobs in the background are not that glamorous, but not ungrateful. On the contrary: We really appreciate every kind of dedication and a lot of people have earned our respect and gratitude.

How much time do you invest?

That depends on the level of difficulty and on the possible dates for performances. For a proper show on an evening length we need at least half a year. But we are more at ease when we are having close to a year.
During this time we meet once a week. When the premiere is drawing closer we’re having some rehearsals on a weekend, too.

Who is head of your company?

We don’t have anything of that sort. There are certain responsibilities we give to elected people e.g. finance. We want every member to have the possibilities to contribute to the project and therefore we believe in low hierarchies. Of course a show needs a director, and so we put our trust in a person who is for one season a kind of a leader. But that doesn’t prohibit the group from acting democratic in all important decisions.

Do you rehearse during the holidays?

Yes. Normally we rehearse all year. We take our breaks after a successful show, as a reward for good work.
Are you doing short courses or master classes?
We tried to offer workshops before. But the experienced made clear that most people prefer to take part in a complete show. According to the creed: Learning by doing!

What does the EDG think about funny-stuff?

We are inclined to have mix. So, yes, we are quite fund of comedy, sketches or any other silly material. Usually we try to digest that in one of our beloved sketch-shows: A mad collection of mad material.

Due to our tendency for modern British drama, we’ve had some sophisticated comedy like “Arcadia” or “The Sea”. Every once in while we’re having a classical comedy, like “Harvey” or “Till death do us part”.