The EDG proudly presents ...

“A dirty f**k on the table”

Do you fancy an evening with a spoonful of fine humour, a dash of Edie Guano and a slice of tasty cheese?

Performances:  1/6/7/8 December 2018

Where: Studiobühne, Domplatz 23

When: 20:00 h.

Tickets: (9/7 €) available on the night. Reservation possible (

Cast und Crew

Players: Philine Bamberger, Richard Pollex, Uwe Rasch, Mirja Wenker, Sarah Thiel, Luisa Jackwerth, Frank Bonczek, Elvin Vincent, Alexandra Andreou, Henning Seidel, Karla Zumkley, Tyge Schmidt, Annie Hunter, Markus Heide, Isadora Zanon

Lights: Xenia Multmeier

The English Drama Group is an official university group of the WWU Münster with members of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.
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