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EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! as part of the programme of the  festival week of the reopening of the Studiobühne am Domplatz

A Little Light Entertainment - weird and wonderful sketches | on wednesday 11.04.2018 | 8 p.m. | free entrance

Allistair McDowall's


Premiere: 14. April 2018

Further performances:  15., 21./22., 28./29. April 2018

Approx. 2 hours; no intermission

Where: Studiobühne, Domplatz 23

When: 20:00 h.

Tickets: (10/8 €) available on the night. Reservation possible (edg-muenster@gmx.de).

The first two shows are free but ticketed, as part of the programme of the festival week of the reopening of the Studiobühne am Domplatz

The play

Alistair McDowall‘s Pomona met with immediate critical and public acclaim when premiered at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond in 2014. After that, it moved on to the National Theatre in London and the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. It saw its first German performance at the Nationaltheater Mannheim in 2016.

Pomona tells the story of a young woman (Ollie), who is looking for her lost twin sister in a dystopian, surreal place called Pomona.  Pomona is a concrete island in the middle of the city. In searching for her sister Ollie ends up in an underground labyrinth at the end of which she makes a horrible discovery. But maybe that’s not quite it and Ollie is only a character in a role playing game, following the decisions of the dice and the players.  What and who is real in this play? Are the monsters just in our heads?

Alistair McDowall‘s Pomona is a sinister, surreal thriller Thriller infused with a generous dose of quirky humour. The play excitingly oscillates between disquietingly downplayed naturalism and unearthy bloody horror, reflecting our own jittery experiences between internet, the media and our everyday fears.

Cast und Crew

Players: Philine Bamberger (Keaton),  Frederic Clausen (Charlie), Richard Pollex (Zeppo), Uwe Rasch (Moe), Ruth Schepers (Fay), Mirja Wenker (Gale), Sonja Zeggel (Ollie)

Lights: Sarah Thiel

Sound: Henning Seidel

Stage/Production Assistance: Alexandra Andreou, Elvin Vincent

Assistant director: Frank Bonczek

Directed by Iris Adamzick


Alistair McDowall – the author of…

Royal Court Theatre Downstairs, Spring 2016
“the audacious originality of Alistair McDowall’s new play takes the breath away…  A party of astronauts appear to have been abandoned to their fate by those left on a failing earth where the birds have fallen out of the tees… To give away much more would be to spoil a first act that is genuinely frightening: it’s rare for serious theatre to be as spooky.  But the second act, where physical fright is replaced by existential dread, is equally gripping and upsetting.
Four Stars, The Sunday Times

A Royal Court/RWCMD commission and produced at Orange Tree Theatre autumn 2014.
Transfer to the Royal National Theatre and Manchester Royal Exchange autumn 2015
Winner of Four Off-West End Awards including Best Production and Best New Play
“Alistair McDowall’s new play will fuck with your head. Pomona fuses fantasy and reality in a disturbing dystopian vision of society.  The play is a real demonstration of McDowall’s skill at crafting a plot that sticks in the brain, heart and stomach.”
Four Stars, Time Out

Royal Court Theatre (Downstairs), summer 2013
“a bitterly funny piece about a supremely dysfunctional family… I certainly hope this isn’t the last we hear of Alistair McDowall’s fine, flinty play”
The New York Times

Winner of the Bruntwood Judge’s award 2011 and subsequently produced at the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester and Live Theatre Newcastle 2013.  Shortlisted for the Writers’ Guild ‘Best Play’ Award 2013. Winner of the Manchester Theatre Best Studio Production 2014. US Premiere Steep Theatre Chicago 2015

Live Theatre Newcastle and Edinburgh Fringe 2013, UK Tour 2014
“This is an intelligent, involving examination of the transformative potential of fatherhood – of its ability to take a man who can barely look at himself in the mirror, and make him feel all-powerful, worthy of love. For my money, it may well be the best one-man show you’re likely to see at the Fringe this year”   
Four Stars, The Daily Telegraph

8:00 p.m. | 10/8 €
Studiobühne | Domplatz 23
An amateur production of EDG Münster
EDG is a student theatre group of the WWU Münster
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