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The 6th Industry Conference
"FoChin - Forschung der Chemischen Industrie" on May 4th

For the sixth time the SFB 858 hosts the industry conference "Forschung der Chemischen Industrie (FoChIn)" on May 4th 2017 within the lecture hall building of the chemical institutes at the WWU Münster. Several recognised research experts from international companies give insight into their daily business, research strategies and latest developments. Furthermore, PhD students from the Department of Chemistry & Pharmacy contribute with talks on their latest results as well, making this meeting a perfect merger between industry and academic research. The lectures are flanked by a poster session covering all aspects from the diverse disciplines present at chemistry in Münster. Guests are welcome!
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Upcoming: The Special Issue on SFB 858 Research in
Chemistry - A European Journal

In this special issue within Chemistry - A European Journal, which will coincide with the "8th Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry", the SFB principal investigators will present selected results from the collaborative research center. In addition, the SFB 858 is very gratefull that the issue will feature papers from speakers from the previous symposia in this highly regarded symposium series at the WWU Münster. Stay connected to this Special Issue featuring collaborative research on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry.

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MSCEC 2017 on May 12th 2017

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Multiple aspects of cooperativity in chemistry are addressed at the annual MSCEC held at the University Castle. During the past years, more than one hundred international research groups from over fifty universities and research institutions have contributed to the MSCEC. Poster sessions provide young scientists with the opportunity to present their most recent results and since 2014 the SFB 858 has been honoring young chemists at an early stage of their career with the MSCEC Young Researcher Awards for outstanding peer-reviewed publications. The prize winners present their work as short lectures during the one-day symposium.

Register for a Poster today and apply for one of the MS_CEC Young Researcher Awards!

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co.labore - A unique experiment
merging Chemistry & Fine Arts

Co Labore Catalogue 2016
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In our efforts to strengthen reflective perspectives on what chemists are doing, the SFB 858 initiated a collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts Münster. Additionally, we were aiming to enter into a dialogue about our research with a broader public at the exhibition in the University Castle on June 24th - 26th, 2016
Learn more about this highly exciting experience, in which chemists and artists merged their passion, skills and viewpoints for half a year...