For a Better Tomorrow: Social Enterprises on the Move (FAB-MOVE)

Mid-Term Meeting

Mid-Term Meeting successfully held in Siracusa, Italy

Group Picture Mid-term
© Serena Patanè

The FAB-MOVE Mid-Term Meeting has been successfully concluded on the weekend of May 4-5. About 35 FAB-MOVERs have met in Siracusa, Italy, at the Impact Hub Siracusa, to present and discuss the current state of the project, to receive feedback from the European Union and to develop ideas for the teaching tool as an outcome of Work Package 3. You will find further information on the event, as well as more pictures, presentations and tables, soon to be posted on the website.

Zimmer Meeting Neu2
© Ruth Simsa

FAB-MOVE researchers met in Quito

The International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) hosted its 11th Latin American & the Caribbean Network Conference at the Universidad de los Hemisferios and the Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar in Quito (Ecuador) from 18th to 20th October. FAB-MOVE was altogether represented there by researchers Annette Zimmer (WWU), Mariana Lomé (UDESA) and Ruth Simsa (WU Wien), who provided an insight into the project's preliminary results focussing on Latin America and Spain within the scope of an academic panel.

Fab-move S.jpeg
© Salvatore Fallica

From barriers to bridges via FAB-MOVE

Salvatore Fallica (Impact Hub Siracusa) has just returned from his four-week secondment to the Southern Denmark University (SDU). He spent an intense month of knowledge exchange, lectures and travels around Skandinavian universities, incubators and social enterprises under the excellent coordination of Professor Thomas Persson. Salvatore retrospectively evaluates his stay as a fundamental experience that marks the beginning of stronger collaborations between actors or social innovation ecosystems from Skandinavia to Sicily.

Foto Sizilien
© Danielle Gluns

Founding social enterprises in Italy

Danielle Gluns (University of Muenster, WWU) is currently seconded to the Impact Hub Siracusa (Sicily) where she is discussing the activities and structures of social enterprises in Italy. Aiming to mitigate the negative effects of economic crises and stagnation on youth unemployment, the foundation of social enterprises by young people is explicitly supported there. One of several projects, "Bassi Communicati" in Ragusa, provides counselling for young founders to develop their ideas and improve the sustainability of their enterprises. This picture shows Danielle participating in an exchange between the future founders and established entrepreneurs, asking critical questions and providing their advice.

Yuval Foto 2
© Yuval Dror

FAB-MOVE and Social Tech

As part of his FAB-MOVE secondment to the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), Yuval Dror (Minga) attended the annual scottish conference "Social Enterprise Policy and Practice" hosted and organised by the social enterprise support agency CEIS in Glasgow on the 6th of September. Refering to the rise of digital technology and its opportunities in the development of social enterprises, Yuval presented numerous examples of different social tech initiatives and selected start-ups in Israel.

Ecpr Neu
© Katharina Obuch

FAB-MOVE at the ECPR Conference in Oslo

Danielle Gluns and Katharina Obuch (University of Muenster, WWU) recently attended the Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) that took place in the Norwegian capital from 6th to 9th September. During a panel sponsored by the American Political Science Association (APSA) on the transition of welfare states evaluated from a comparative perspective, the two german researchers presented the previous results of the FAB-MOVE project in the course of their speech "For a Better Tomorrow? Social Enterprises in Different Welfare States under Scrutiny".

Impact Hub Berlin Foto
© Richard Pfeilstetter

The FAB-MOVE experience in Berlin

Richard Pfeilstetter (University of Sevilla, US) has just sent us this collage, showing some impressions of his secondment to the Impact Hub Berlin. Besides the exchange of experiences concerning the multiple contexts of social enterprises in Spain and Germany, Richard joined several social events, including amongst others the "Pitch Drive", a presentation of 14 top start-ups from Africa. Additionally, he visited the "ART CRU Berlin", the first local gallery exhibiting art created by disabled people as well as the "Theater-Werkstatt Thikwa", a workshop for people with disabilities offering various options for artistic professionalisation. "Due to my participation in the FAB-MOVE project", Richard finally stated, "I am gaining a growing comparative understanding of social enterprises all across Europe!"

Avalos Torres
© Antonia Avalos Torres

Spanish FAB-MOVErs on air

Antonia Avalos Torres and Amanda Conde, both members of the non-profit organization Mujeres Supervivientes (MS) from Sevilla, successfully concluded their month-long secondments to the University of San Andrés (UDESA) in Buenos Aires. Their short stay will leave a long-lasting impression, since Antonia and Amanda used the opportunity to present the impact of the FAB-MOVE project as well as the work of their organization in Spain during a radio interview with "Radio Sur". In addition, they got in touch with several woman rights organizations and the team of UDESA, seeking exchange of ideas and experiences.

© Totò Biazzo

From Sicily to Indonesia

Totò Biazzo, member of the Impact Hub Siracusa in Sicily, is currently seconded to Trisakti University, Jakarta (Indonesia). On 1st August, he gave a presentation on social enterprises in Italy and the manifold activities of the Impact Hub in supporting these enterprises and their social or ecological missions. The secondment will help both partners to gain insights into the conditions for and activities of social enterprises in two completely different contexts. Moreover, it will foster the exchange between research and practice.

© Olga Biosca

Olga Biosca is keynote speaker at Argentinian conference

Olga Biosca (GCU) has recently reported on her experience while visiting the University of San Andrés in Buenos Aires for research purposes on Argentinian forms of social enterprise. Apart from discussing the subject of microfinance in the UK and Argentina, she also had the chance to access different case studies on that topic. "This was excellent preparation!", Olga concluded, as she finally appeared as one of four keynote speakers at the 4th Ibero-American Conference of Development Studies held at Quilmes University. In the context of debating new perspectives for human and sustainable development, Olga pointed out the potential of social enterprise and microfinance to enhance health and wellbeing.

© Nele Kapretz

Nele Kapretz holds workshop in Israel

Nele Kapretz (Impact Hub Berlin) has just sent us this picture giving a small impression from her workshop on social entrepreneurship, pitching and design thinking at The College of Management (COMAS) in Israel to which Nele had been seconded via FAB-MOVE. Nele reported: "It was great fun and the students were very eager to learn. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!"

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-10 Um 11.04.png
© private screenshot

Partial FAB-MOVE reunion in Belgium

A partial reunion after the Mid-Term meeting has taken place for several FAB-MOVErs in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium where they met for the 6th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise and presented their research in the course of the FAB-MOVE project. Among the speakers were Tiziana Crisipino (University of Calabria, UNICAL), Francesca Caló (Glasgow Caledonian University, GCU), Ben Gidron (COMAS, Israel) as well as Katharina Obuch and Benedikt Pahl (University of Münster, WWU). This provided an excellent opportunity to foster the FAB-MOVE “spirit” and to exchange further ideas on the project.

© Carolin Schönert

Secondment to ICDT concluded

Carolin Schönert (University of Münster) has successfully concluded her secondment to FAB-MOVE partner Inverclyde Community Development Trust (ICDT) in Greenock, Scotland. She explored the conditions, innovations and challenges of social enterprises in a liberal welfare state. In particular, Carolin examined the sectoral change from an industrial base to a service society through extensive discussions with practitioners. In this regard, she was also able to fruitfully combine her new insights with the work of another EU-funded project InnoSI.

2017-05-18 Unical-2
© Giulio Citroni

The Israeli experience in Italy

Yoram Lavi (MINGA, Israel) has made his trip back to Israel with a wide range of new experiences and insights after his secondment to the University of Calabria (UNICAL, Italy). One of his key insights was: "The term of 'Social Business' is not 100% understandable and clear to all due to the old (existing) organizations and some times due to lack of clear definition and measurements." Yoram also participated in the University's life and activities, for example in having offered a workshop on "How political agenda can help to nurture a new market like the social entrepreneurs" , thereby commenting on the Israeli experience with social entrepreneurship and engaging in discussions with students.

© Richard Pfeilstetter

FAB-MOVE researchers meet in Spain

Spanish-South-American FAB-MOVE collaboration in Spain: Maida Pieper, Universidad de San Andrés (UdeSA), and Richard Pfeilstetter, Universidad de Sevilla (US), have visited the Secreteriat for Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship at US. Richard Pfeilstetter reports: "We have met with the director Miguel Torres and Concha Rodríguez in order to exchange experiences on the management of entrepreneurship at Universities."

Simsa In Croatia
© Ruth Simsa

FAB-MOVE at conference in Croatia

Ruth Simsa, a FAB-MOVE researcher from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) who has already been seconded to Spain via the project, has presented her paper “Social entrepreneurship in relation to the Business, the Nonprofit and the Public Sector” to the audience at the 2nd Business and Entrepreneurial Economics Conference in Croatia. Thereby, she also drew on insights and perspectives of the FAB-MOVE project in one slide.

Danielle Gluns Impact Hub Siracusa
© Danielle Gluns

Danielle Gluns "fab" moved to Sicily

Danielle Gluns from the University of Muenster has sent us some information on her current secondment to Italy. Here is what she experienced: “I am member of Annette Zimmer’s team at Münster University, and I am currently seconded to the Impact Hub in Siracusa, Sicily. I am discussing forms of and framework conditions for social enterprises in Italy and Germany, researching and visiting different types of social enterprises and catching up on the various activities of the Impact Hub.”

New Fab-Move Category
News Presentation Ms
© MS

Mujeres Supervivientes de Violencias de Género

The Muenster Coordination team is proud to announce a new element to the website: the regular short presentation of one of your 28 partner institutions worldwide. The order in which the partners will be presented is on a random basis.
Mujeres Supervivientes (MS) from Sevilla, Spain, is breaking the first ground today. The non-profit organization describes itself as a project “with the mission to help build an egalitarian society free of violence towards girls and women”. To fight against gender violence, MS provides support to women facing discrimination and abuse and helps them find their own way to recover, e.g. through the Social Enterprise “le vin violette”.
Learn more about Mujeres Supervivientes here.


Impact Hub Siracusa hosts workshop on microfinance

Workshop Microfinance Ihs
© private screenshot

Yesterday, FAB-MOVE partner Impact Hub Siracusa hosted a workshop within the projects’ framework, entitled “Microfinance, Integration and Muslim Community in Sicily”. Rosario Sapienza, IHS president and co-founder, sent the following description: “The path of the integration of Muslims in Italy is not only the religious-cultural one that marks the demands of equality that the Muslims advance on their journey from a minority to the same with the largest Italian citizenship. It also crosses broader thematic areas and categories considering that Muslims are also the many immigrants who seek full integration into new communities, whether they are economic, by integrating into the labor market that follows the Rhythm driven by socio-economic mobility or more politically, through integration into the community of citizens.”
Among the discussants were e.g. Manlio Cinalli (Sciences Po Paris), who has been seconded twice within the FAB-MOVE project, as well as Simone Piceno and Rosario Sapienza, both from Impact Hub Siracusa. More details on the event are available here.

News Rizza Scotland
© private screenshot

Social Enterprises and the Mafia

Maria Olivella Rizza, seconded to FAB-MOVE partner Inverclyde Community Development Trust (ICDT) for three months, has published a post on the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) weblog. In the article entitled “From Sicily to Scotland: Social Enterprise and the Mafia”, the researcher from the University of Catania (UNICT) presents her research on ‘Libera Terra’, a project aiming at “creating job opportunities in the land and property confiscated from the Mafia”, as she writes. You can read the full article here.

Workshop Sevilla News March 30
© private screenshot

Common Workshop by seconded FAB-MOVER's

Last week, a common effort of three FAB-MOVE partners has enabled a workshop for graduate students about problems and solutions of Social Enterprises in Europe. At the University of Sevilla (US), Paul Bristow, currently visiting US in the course of his secondment, presented his work at Inverclyde Community Development Trust (ICDT) in Greenock (Scotland). Antonia Avalos Torres talked about recent challenges her organization Mujeres Supervivientes de Violencias de Género (MS) currently faces. The FAB-MOVE project was introduced to the participants by Richard Pfeilstetter from the University of Sevilla (US). Drawing on experiences gained from his recent secondment to Gabarage Upcycling Design (GUD) in Vienna, he discussed the current situation of Spanish and Austrian social enterprises and welfare regimes.

Secondment Crispino
© Tiziana Crispino

Tiziana Crispino “fab” moved to Scotland

Tiziana Crispino from FAB-MOVE partner University of Calabria (UNICAL) has successfully concluded her three-months secondment to the Scottish hosting institution Inverclyde Community Development Trust (ICDT). During her stay, Tiziana met with local practitioners and explored a wide array of local projects, thus grasping an understanding of the ICDT’s work as well as of the Social Enterprise sector in Scotland. Moreover, she has been interviewed for a blog post by the FAB-MOVE partner Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) which is accessible here.

Tagung Hitze-haus Gruppenbild Panel Sozialunternehmen
© private

FAB-MOVE at the Hitze-Haus Conference in Münster

FAB-MOVE has been present at the conference “Civil Society and the Welfare State” in Münster four times: Coordinator Annette Zimmer, Project Manager Katharina Obuch and Student Assistant Christina Grabbe (all WWU Münster) have presented their research findings on the welfare state and social enterprises in Germany. For the FAB-MOVE team, it was moreover a great pleasure to host Salvo Fallica (Impact Hub Syracuse, Italy) who presented the Hub at the conference. Salvatore has just finished his two-months secondment to WWU Münster. During his stay, he discussed social innovation and enterprise in Italy and Germany with researchers from the university as well as with practitioners.

Ilona Matysiak
© private

Ilona Matysiak presents her research in Argentina

During her two-months secondment to University of San Andrés (UdeSA), Buenos Aires, Ilona Matysiak from Warsaw University presented her findings on the third sector and social economy in Poland to the Argentinian audience. The research seminar, held in Spanish, aimed at facilitating discussions on commonalities and differences between Poland and Argentina. This output from Ilona’s research has been accompanied by several discussions with staff members and practitioners in Argentina and by her participation in numerous case studies.

Danny Raveh Muenster 2
© Joachim Benedikt Pahl

Danny Raveh seconded to Muenster University

Danny Raveh from FAB-MOVE partner Impact Investing Israel (III) has successfully started his secondment to Muenster University. His one-month stay in Germany aims at discovering the broad range of the field of Social Enterprises in Germany, and comparing the political and economic environment of SEs to the situation in Israel. Thereby, he met FAB-MOVE project manager Katharina Obuch and research assistant Mats Ahrenshop as well as other staff members of the Institute of Political Science.

Persson Sweden
© private screenshot

Social Innovation Summit in Malmö

Thomas Persson from Syddansk University (SDU), Denmark, who was seconded to COOMPANION in Sweden this year, is going to travel to Sweden once again as he has been invited as a discussant in the annual Social Innovation Summit in Malmö, Sweden. Under the title “Take the temperature on research: What do we know in Sweden?”, the seminar will specifically focus on the state of the art in Sweden and provide an overview of ongoing research projects. For further information on the event, which will take place on October 26, click here.

News Costa Rica
© private screenshot

FAB-MOVE talk held in Costa Rica

On October 3, FAB-MOVE and INCAE Business School (Costa Rica) have presented and discussed their results of research on entrepreneurial ecosystems and sustainable standards for social entrepreneurs in a comparative perspective. Thomas Dietz, WP3 leader of FAB-MOVE from Muenster University whose secondment to INCAE comes to an end in the middle of October, and Urs Jager from INCAE have, alongside with the PhD students Janina Grabs and Andrea Estrella, provided a forum for discussing the results of their analysis.

Vienna Spain
© private

NEWS: Spanish-Austrian-German FAB-MOVE combination meets in Vienna

¡Viva FAB-MOVE! Richard Pfeilstetter (Universidad de Sevilla), seconded to Gabarage Upcycling Design (GUD), and Antonia Avalos Torres (Mujeres Supervivientes de Violencias de Género), seconded to Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), have sent some photographs as an inspiring completion of their secondments. They took advantage of the opportunity to meet Ruth Simsa, Hanna Schneider and further staff members from WU to discuss and explore current developments of Social Enterprises, e.g. at the local center of competence for NPOs and SE. An awesome coincidence that they also met Andrea Walter (WWU) during her secondment to GUD!

Secondment Washington
© private

NEWS: FAB-MOVE’s network reaches Washington D.C.

PhD students Christiane Bomert (Münster University) and Francesca Calò (Glasgow Caledonian University) are currently seconded to the FAB-MOVE partner institution Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Apart from individually doing research on their dissertations, the two seconded researchers had the opportunity to meet and discuss current developments in the realm of social enterprises – and, at times, discover the U.S. capital. They will stay until October.

News Ahlfeld
© Paula Neher

NEWS: Workshop brings together academia and practice

As part of his secondment to FAB-MOVE coordinator Münster University, Ross Ahlfeld from Invercylde Community Development Trust (Scotland) gave an exciting talk about the aims, principles, and functioning of his institution. This created an inspiring opportunity to bring together researchers from the University and the practitioner’s point of view. Thus, the comparison of the social enterprise environment in Scotland and Germany was one of the key aspects in the subsequent discussion. Ross Ahlfeld will stay in Germany until September. He has hitherto visited several social enterprises and other projects in the region of North Rine-Westphalia.

Seminar Gu Se
© private screenshot

NEWS: Seminar on Social Enterprises

We are happy to announce that FAB-MOVE is supporting the seminar “Social Enterprises in Europe and the USA”, which will be held by Aimable-André Dufatanye (Atelier de l’Entrepreneuriat Humaniste, Lyon) and Francesca Calò (Glasgow Caledonian University). Both are currently seconded to Georgetown University (GU) in Washington and have organized the seminar which will take place on Monday, August 29, 10:00am-12:00pm. The seminar aims at elaborating the concept of social enterprises in different cultural, political, and economic contexts, including comparative perspectives from France, Italy, UK, and the USA. You can register here.

Sinclair Blog
© private screenshot

NEWS: Secondment portrayed in a blog entry

Dr. Stephen Sinclair from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is currently seconded to the FAB MOVE partner University of the Western Cape (UWC) and has written a short article for the Yunus Centre social innovation blog about his FAB-MOVE secondment. Stephen has done a lot of fascinating activities as the blog entry shows. Get access to the article here.

© Stephen Sinclair

NEWS: Stephen Sinclair visits Philippi Village

At the invitation of Sarah-Ann Arnold (MTN Solution Space Manager), Dr. Stephen Sinclair (GCU) visited Philippi Village, a satellite campus of the University of Cape Town’s Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship on 11th August.
Philippi Village is a community business facility, providing space and support for SMEs and social enterprises in a reclaimed factory site on the outskirts of Cape Town - http://www.philippivillage.co.za/
The Village is itself a social innovation, and hosts several social enterprises, including, Harambee - an employment recruitment and training initiative which integrates marginalised young people into the mainstream economy.
Dr. Sinclair toured the facility and discussed UCT’s MPhil programme in Inclusive Innovation which is partly delivered on their new Philippi Village campus.

Anat And Yaala At Wwu3
© private


We are pleased to welcome Yaala Shar Braver from our FAB-MOVE partner MINGA (Israel) to her one-month secondment to the FAB-MOVE coordinator WWU. Accompanied by her colleague Anat Maor, Yaala placed the exchange with researchers from the WWU about social enterprises in Germany at the centre of her secondment. Besides, there is the possibility of networking with social enterprises in Berlin. As a part of the global Impact HUB network, MINGA provides training and acceleration programs and a social enterprise infrastructure by partnering with social entrepreneurs and organizations.

News Gabarage Andrea Walter Neu
© private

NEWS: FAB-MOVE networking in Vienna

FAB-MOVE partners move and meet all around the world. As a recent evidence, Andrea Walter from Münster University sent us this photograph portraying her alongside Victoria Kadernoschka from the hosting institution gabarage upcycling design (GUD) and Richard Pfeilstetter who is currently seconded to GUD as well. They had the opportunity to explore and discuss recent developments in the realm of Social Innovation, particularly by comparing Austria and Germany.

News Secondment Stephen
© Stephen Sinclair

NEWS: First secondment to South Africa

Stephen Sinclair from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) has just flown over to South Africa in order to spend his one and a half month secondment at the FAB-MOVE partner University of Western Cape (UWC). For the time being seconded, Stephen will attend various events about Social Innovation and meet representatives of several institutions to discuss the social enterprise sector in South Africa.

Filfest Screen
© private screenshot

NEWS: Call for applications: 4 Grants for the FILFest

The call for the third edition of the Festival of Gross National Happiness (“FILFest”), 2-3 December 2016, is now available. The festival is organized by one of the FAB-MOVE non-academic partners, Impact Hub Syracuse (IHS). FAB-MOVE will sponsor 4 grants covering the travel costs for social entrepreneurs from all across Europe who would like to be participants. But be aware of the deadline for applications, 30 July 2016! You can get access to the call here.

Img 1368

NEWS: International FAB-MOVE networking in Catania

This photograph has recently reached us from Catania portraying the seconded researchers Joanna Jasinska (UNIWARSAW, Poland) and Benjamin Gidron (COMAS, Israel) along with staff members at the University of Catania. During the secondment the FAB-MOVE partners are involved in discussing and studying the issue of Social Enterprises in all three countries.

Istr Newsletter
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NEWS: ISTR newsletter presents FAB-MOVE

In the recent April-June ISTR newsletter „Inside ISTR“ (Vol 24 N° 2), FAB-MOVE receives a short presentation providing information on the basic research goal, the projects’ dynamic and current secondments.
The International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) as an academic association aims at promoting research and teaching about the Third, Voluntary, or Nonprofit Sector.
Get the whole ISTR newsletter as a pdf file by following the link below.

Anna Domaradzka Munster 2
© private

NEWS: Anna Domaradzka (WP 1 leader) visits Münster University

Seminario Di Studi

NEWS: University of Catania organizes seminar on 'Social Enterprises in Italy and France'

2016 Meeting Benadusi _citroni _sapienza

NEWS: Teams of Catania and Calabria meet to discuss upcoming country reports

Simone Baglioni

NEWS: Simone Baglioni (Glasgow Caledonian University) seconded to Impact HUB Syracuse

Third Sector Buenos Aires

NEWS: Seconded researcher holds lecture on the 'Third Sector and Social Enterprises in Germany'

Gabarage Website_

NEWS: Secondment to 'gabarage upcycling design' (Austria)


NEWS: First secondments started


NEWS: FAB-MOVE Kick-Off held in Warsaw, Poland