The GI-Forum takes place every Tuesday from 12 to 2 pm during semester in room 242 at the Institute for Geoinformatics (Heisenbergstraße 2, 48151 Münster). The Forum is open to the public and all interested are welcome to attend.

These open sessions present an opportunity to discuss a variety topics across GI Science, generally in the form of presentations of around 45 minutes followed by 15-30 minutes for questions and general discussion, before closing with light refreshments.

Speakers are drawn from a range of academic disciplines, as well as from industry and policy areas, and present results of ongoing research and/or practical outcomes.


GI-Forum ST 2017

Date Topic Presenter Affiliation
18.04.2017 Institute Meeting
25.04.2017 Smart Cartography – Relevance and Challenges Jochen Schiewe HafenCity University Hamburg
02.05.2017 Amplifying the Mind with Digital Tools Albrecht Schmidt Uni Stuttgart
09.05.2017 The ethics of big data as a public good: which public? Whose good? Linnet Taylor Tilburg University
16.05.2017 Real-time Geo-information Fusion Florian Hillen IfGI, WWU Münster
23.05.2017 Implicit semantic structures in spatial data analysis Dr. Simon Scheider Universiteit Utrecht
30.05.2017 Institute Meeting
06.06.2017 Pentecost Holidays
13.06.2017 Statistical algorithms for change detection in optical and SAR imagery, implementations in Python and on the Google Earth Engine Mort Canty Forschungszentrum Jülich
20.06.2017 Data-Enabled Design for Smart Cities Gert Kortuem Uni Delft
27.06.2017 Graduate School for Geoinformatics IfGI, WWU Münster
04.07.2017 Algorithmically-Guided User Interaction: Smart Interfaces for Information Extraction from Old Maps Thomas van Dijk Uni Wuerzburg
11.07.2017 Holistic Approaches to Manage Processes of the Anthropocene: Geomorphology, GIScience and Community Resilience Chris Renschler University at Buffalo
18.07.2017 Spatializing Global Population Projections Carsten Kessler Aalborg University of Copenhagen
25.07.2017 Institute Meeting