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Here is some information regarding the research profile of the English Department.
Research projects with independent web pages are marked up; the respective project managers are responsible for the contents of these pages.

Literary and cultural studies
Linguistics and language history
TEFL (Fachdidaktik Englisch)
Emeriti professors

Literary and cultural studies

Professor Dr. Gabriele Müller-Oberhäuser:  

Prof. Dr. Katja Sarkowsky:

  • Chair of American Studies
  • Ethnic literatures and cultures (in particular, African American, Native American, and Asian American Studies)
  • Gender Studies and Queer Studies
  • Cultural theory (postcolonial, transcultural, spatial, feminist, queer)
  • Aging Studies
  • Autobiography
  • Visual culture
  • Urban Studies

Professor Dr. Mark Stein:  

  • insbesondere Literatur- und Kulturtheorie (Stein, Stroh, Schmitz)
  • African, Asian British (Stein, Stroh)
  • Black British, Caribbean, South Asian (Stein)
  • Scottish, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand  Literature and Culture (Stroh)
  • Minoritätenkulturen (Stein, Munkelt, Stroh, Schmitz)
  • Shakespeare Studies, Chicano Studies; Editorial Theory and Textual Criticism; Performance Theory and Criticism (Munkelt)
  • Keltizitätskonstrukte, Film Studies, transkulturelle Didaktik (Stroh)
  • Exile, Border Thinking and Critical Cosmopolitanism, Ethnic Studies, Arab American Representations, Postcolonial Urban Geography and Visual Culture (Schmitz)

Professor Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer:

  • British studies
  • Project "Fundamentalism"
  • Literatur- und Kulturtheorie
  • Literaturgeschichtsschreibung
  • Literatur des britischen Empire
  • Britisches Drama von der Renaissance bis zur Gegenwart                

Linguistics and language history

Professor Dr. Dagmar Deuber:

Professor Dr. Ulrike Gut:

TEFL (Fachdidaktik Englisch)

Dr. Frauke Matz:

Prof. Dr. Dominik Rumlich

  • Teaching English as a foreign language
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • Affective-motivational determinants of language learning (esp. EFL self-concept and interest)
  • Assessment
  • Empirical research on teaching literature
  • Empirical research methods (with a focus on quantitative research)

Emeriti professors

  • Professor Dr. Hermann Real: Ehrenpreis Centre for Swift Studies: das Werk Jonathan Swifts in Textkonstitution, Kommentar und Interpretation | Wissenschaftsgeschichte des siebzehnten Jahrhunderts