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Setting up the wireless-LANs under Windows Vista

Info Since 29.11.2010 at Muenster University the additional SSID wwu has been available. The configuration of the SSID wwu is (except for the name) identical with the configuration of the already existing SSID uni-ms. The functionality of both SSIDs is virtually identical. Once available, it is now necessary to use the SSID wwu instead of uni-ms, in order to avoid roaming problems.


Essential preconditions for the use of WLAN at Muenster University:

  • ZIV user ID
  • Valid password for network access
  • Windows Vista (or Windows 7) with current updates
  • WPA2 compatible WLAN card
  • Installation of the certificates

Upon installation of the certificates, activate all options and confirm with OK.pen the properties. (see image 6)

A user ID is usually sent to you by post upon enrolment or employment commencement at university. University visitors get their ID for the duration of the event from one of the event assistants. The password for network access can be set up under Mein ZIV Please note that there are two different passwords. The „central standard password“, which you received with the user ID and is also used to log into university computer workstations, cannot be used for the WLAN connection. You can check under Mein ZIV whether you have the right password.

The current updates for Vista can be accessed on the program "Windows Update". The fastest way is to enter "update" in the search form of the start menu.

Step 1: Configuration of the WLAN

Our users have two possibilities of configuring the WLAN: An automatic configuration where the WLAN set-up is done by means of software, or the manual configuration. We advise you to first try the automatic configuration and if this should fail, continue with the manual configuration.

Automatic configuration

Download the "ctWLANKloner" and the profile "uni-ms" for the wireless network of the university. Here are the download links:

Name Link
ctWLANKloner Download
University profile "uni-ms" Download (click right mouse button -> save target as)

Execute the WLANKloner and import the WLAN profile of the university. If there is no error message, the WLAN has been successfully set up. You can now end the Cloner and continue with step 2 (optional). As soon as you are within WLAN range, you will be asked for user name, password and registration domain. The user name is identical with the one you use for logging into university computer workstations. In this case the password is identical with the one for network access. The registration domain form remains empty.


If the error message appears "error when initializing WLAN management: unknown error“, your WLAN card is probably not managed by Windows, but by a producer tool. In this case deactivate the tool or continue with manual configuration.

Manual configuration

Step 1 : Open the Windows start menu and choose Connect To (see image 1)

Image01.jpg image 1

Step 2 : All received wireless networks will be shown. If no wireless networks are displayed there is something wrong with your wireless card or you are not in range of a network. We would like to set up a connection to uni-ms. For that, please choose Set up connection or network (see image 2)

Image02.jpg image 2

Step 3 : Choose menu item Manually connect to a wireless network and click Next (see image 3)

Image03.jpg image 3

Step 4 : In the following dialog, enter all data as shown in the image 4 below.

As network name (SSID) enter uni-ms.
As security type choose WPA2-Enterprise (or WPA).
Adjust the encryption type to AES (or TKIP with WPA).
Then click Next.


If WPA is not available, your wireless LAN card or your driver unit do not provide it. Try to update your driver unit or get new hardware. An access to the wireless LAN is not possible, until your driver unit or your wireless LAN card do not provide WPA at least. AES is the more secure encoding and is recommended. Our hotspots provide TKIP and AES.

Image04.jpg image 4

Step 5 : If you have already tried connect to the network uni-ms then a message appears. You should click use the already existing network, otherwise click Connect to... (see image 5)

Image05.jpg image 5

Step 6 : Now the network overview reappears. If not, open the start menu and choose Connect To. With the right mouse button choose the net uni-ms and open the properties. (see image 6)

Image06.jpg image 6

Step 7 : In the following window choose the tab security. Perform all set-ups according to the image 7.

As network authentication method choose Protected EAP (PEAP). Then click settings.

Image07.jpg image 7

Step 8 : Activate the option Validate server certificate and under Trusted Root Certification Authorities choose Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2. Under Authentication method choose Secured Password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)_. Click __configure. (see image 8)

Image08.jpg image 8

Step 9 : Deactivate the option Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any). (see image 9)

Configuration is now complete. You can close all windows with OK.

Image09.jpg image 9

Step 10 : If you are within range of the university WLAN network uni-ms you can set up the first connection. For that, open once more the WLAN overview with the start menu Connect to (you should see image 10).

With the right mouse button choose the network uni-ms and click Connect.

Image10.jpg image 10

Step 11 : At this point is maybe a bug. If you click Connect in step 10 the connection maybe broke up and failed to connect. If everything went well you should see image 11. If the connection failed to connect there is maybe a popup window in the bottom right corner (see image 12) which shows the information Additional information is required to connect to uni-ms. Click on it.

At the end you should see image 13 from step 12.

Image11.jpg image 11

Image12.jpg image 12

Step 12 : You will now be asked to enter your user ID. As user name and password enter your central user ID and your password for network access (not the central standard password). Do not enter a registration domain.

Image13.jpg image 13

Step 13 : Now click OK. User name and password will now be checked. If the connection has been set up successfully, another information window will appear.

Image14.jpg image 14

Step 2: Settings in the registry (optional) for Windows Vista only

When Windows Vista was released, it turned out that at several access points of the university there have been problems setting up a WLAN connection. Among the affected access points are the ones in the ULB, the UKM and the Mathematics Department. If you have problems connecting with the W-LAN, it is necessary to execute the following steps:

Step 1 : Download the current version of the tool to adjust the registry here. (Tool is only available in german)

Step 2 : Click Run as administrator with the right mouse button. (see image 15)

VistaPatch01.jpg Image 15

Step 3 : In the window user account control click Allow. (see image 16)

VistaPatch02.jpg Image 16

Step 4 : At *Wählen Sie ihren WLAN-Adapter aus" choose your W-LAN adapter and click Durchführen. You will receive feedback whether the program was able to carry out the changes. (see image 17)

VistaPatch03.jpg Image 17

Step 5 : Restart your computer and try to connect again.

(Alternatively, you can also adjust the settings yourself.)

-- LauraOeste - 2011-05-04
-- Update ChrisF - 2011-08-17

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