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  • ZIV user id (you can get a user ID at the ZIV Mein ZIV)
  • central user password
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 6 (it is reommended to use the latest version, get Thunderbird 6 here)


Generally there are two ways of checking emails. POP3 downloads your emails from the email server of the university to your computer. IMAP leaves the emails on the server and you can only check them locally. If you only use one PC to check your emails, the best option is to choose POP3. If you have several computers to check your emails, choose IMAP. Please note that with IMAP an Internet connection is always necessary when you want to check your emails.

Configuration of Thunderbird 6.0

Step 1 : Start Thunderbird and set up a new email account. This is done by choosing the item account settings in the menu Tools (see image 1).

Image01.png image 1

Step 2 : In the following menu dialog choose account actions and then Add Mail Account, because you want to set up a new email account (see image 2).

Image02.png image 2

Step 3 : Fill in the form as shown in image 3:

  • Your name: Your Name
  • Email address: userid@uni-muenster.de
  • Password: central user password
  • activate Remember password
Then click continue and then directly click Manual config on the left side of the window (image 4).

Image03.png image 3

Image03b.png image 4

Step 4 :
If you want to use POP3 look at image 5 and fill in the form. For IMAP account settings look at image 6.
Email address should be the same you entered in the step before. The username at the bottom of the window must be your user id.
Don't forget to set up the outgoing mail server, which is in both cases the same.

Step 5 : Click create account. That's it.

  • POP3:

Image01.png image 5

  • IMAP:

Image05.png image 6

-- ChrisF - 2011-08-19

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