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Informations regarding Posters and Talks :


There will be two Poster sessions a day. During that time, no other talks are scheduled. One of the authors has to be present during the presentation. Poster strips will be provided. The format of the posters should be DIN A0 Portrait. It's recommended to have a DIN A4 printout of the poster for interested participants.


One talk is 15 minutes including 3 minutes for discussions. These times will have to be kept.

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  • Plenarvörträge
    • S1: Structure and Dynamics of the Deep Earth and Planetary Interiors
      Plenary talk: Miaki Ishii (Harvard)
      Title: Through the Looking Glass: the Wonderful World beneath Our Feet
    • S2: Noise
      Plenary talk: Michel Campillo (Grenoble)
      Title: Seismic imaging without source: beyond surface wave tomography
    • S3: Data, Models, and Reality
      Plenary talk: Andreas Fichtner (ETH)
      Title: Multiscale imaging of the Earth - From sedimentary basins to the deep mantle
    • S4: Space Weather and Global Induction
      Plenary talk: Antti Pulkkinen (NASA)
      Title: Magnetic Storms and the Electric Power Grid
  • Schwerpunktthemen
    • S1 Structure and Dynamics of the Deep Earth and Planetary Interiors
    • S2 Noise
    • S3 Data, Models, and Reality
    • S4 Space Weather and Global Induction
  • Wissenschaftliches Programm
    • Near Surface Geophysics
    • Exploration and Monitoring
    • Structure and Dynamics of the Earth's Crust and Lithosphere
    • Geohazards
    • Extraterrestrial Physics
    • Geophysical Methods
    • Outreach, History and Education
  • Rahmenprogramm