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1.     Near-surface geophysics

Convener: Thomas Günther, Volkmar Schmidt, Tina Wunderlich
The uppermost layer of the solid earth is of vital importance for nature and it is increasingly exploited and altered by human activities. Geophysical methods are widely used to characterize the shallow subsurface, but due to its heterogeneity and complex petrophysical relationships, the data analysis and interpretation is often challenging. The focus of this session is on novel geophysical applications and case studies to characterize the near surface. The studies can be related to geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and environmental problems as well as archeology and engineering. We seek also contributions to the investigation of petrophysical relationships from theoretical, laboratory and field studies, which help to interpret the data from near surface geophysical measurements.
1.1     Hydrogeophysics
1.2     Archeogeophysics,
1.3     Environmental and Engineering geophysics
1.4     Other

2.     Exploration and Monitoring

 Convener: Nicolai Gestermann, Michael Becken, Christian Bücker, Charlotte Krawzcyk
The topic addresses all aspects of geophysical on- and off-shore exploration and monitoring of the subsurface. Topics include but are not restricted to the exploration of hydrocarbon reservoirs, geothermal reservoirs, mineral resources, waste deposits and storages. Contributions to the monitoring of reservoirs during stimulation and production (e.g. enhanced oil recovery, fracking), of natural and induced seismicity are also invited. Note that the Applied Geophysics Colloquium will cover the topic of subsurface storage.
2.1     Hydrocarbon
2.2     Geothermal
2.3     Mineral resources
2.4     Seismicity
2.5     Marine Geophysics
2.3     Other

3.     Structure and dynamics of the Earth’s crust and Lithosphere

Convener: Frederik Tilmann, Jörg Ebbing, Maria Cherevatova, Heidrun Kopp, Torsten Dahm
Understanding the structure and dynamics of the Earth’s crust and lithosphere from on- and off-shore investigations of fault zones, rift zones, plateaus, volcanoes, lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary, among others, is a key interest of geophysical research. Contributions to these topics from all disciplines such as seismology, seismics, magnetotellurics, potential fields, geodynamics, or from multi-disciplinary studies are welcome.
3.1     Seismology
3.2     Seismics
3.3     Magnetotellurics
3.4     Geomagnetics and Gravity
3.5     Physics of Volcanoes
3.6     Marine Geophysics
3.7     Other

4.      Geohazards

Convener: Joachim Wassermann, Marion Miensopust, Fabrice Cotton
Geohazards play large roles in society and understanding them is crucial for future mitigation and forecasting as well as understanding physical principles of geohazards. This session is concerned with different possible geohazards, ranging from volcanoes and earthquakes to landslides and sinkholes. We invite contributions from all fields of geophysics and geology that are investigating these phenomena and we also encourage multidisciplinary studies.
4.1     Landslides
4.2     Earthquakes
4.3     Volcanoes
4.4     Sinkholes
4.5     Other

5.     Extra-terrestrial Physics

Convener:  NN, NN
5.1     Erdnaher Weltraum / Near earth space
5.2     Planeten und kleine Körper / Planets and small bodies
5.3     Sun and Heliosphere
5.4     Astrophysics
5.5     Astrobiology
5.6     Other

6.     Geophysical Methods

Convener:  Stefanie Donner, Kristina Tietze, Bodo Lehmann, Anita Przyklenk
The topic addresses novel methodological developments throughout all geophysical disciplines, including novel instrumentation, data acquisition, and data processing, analysis and interpretation schemes.
6.1    Seismology
6.2    Seismics
6.3    Magnetotellurics and Electromagnetic
6.4    DC resistivity, IP, GPR
6.5    Magnetics and Gravity
6.6    Instrumentation
6.7    Other

7.     Outreach, History and Education

Convener: Ellen Gottschämmer, Johannes Schweitzer
In this session, history of geophysics, didactics of geophysics and geophysics in society are brought together to illuminate the role of Geophysics in Society. We invite contributions from all fields of geophysics. We also encourage Universities to offer posters on their programmes.
7.1     History of Geophysics
7.2     Geophysics in Society, Programmes in Geophysics at Universities
7.3     Didactics of Geophysics
7.4     Other