Oral Presentation

Each oral presentation is scheduled for 25 minutes (20 for talk + 5 for discussion). Please be strict in your timing and do not exceed the 20 minutes allotted to you!

Powerpoint or PDF slides are recommended for your talk. The conference hall will be equipped with a presentation notebook with MS Office, Acrobat Reader, and popular programs like Windows Media Player for playing videos. Please contact us if you need any particular software for this purpose.

The presenters are kindly requested to copy their files to the conference presentation notebook and test at least 10 minutes before the session starts. We will ask the session chair to be there as well.

You can also use your own notebook for your presentation (although we only recommend doing so if your presentation has complex videos). In this case we strongly suggest you make a thorough test before the session starts.

Poster Presentation

The poster boards are of size 1m (width) x 2m (height). Therefore, the suggested poster size is A0: 841mm (width) x 1189mm (height). Tape and pins will be provided at the conference to mount posters on the boards.

The poster session will be held in the foyer. You will see a poster number in the conference program brochure. Please use this number to find your poster board.