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With the installation of a professorship for limnology in November 1994 the department of limnology was established within the Division of Biology at the University of Muenster.

We concentrate our research activities on diversity and dynamics of different stream ecosystems, mainly sandy lowland streams, karst streams (representing low flow and drought situations), and tropical streams. The focus is on biodiversity (taxonomic and functional b.) and on organic matter dynamics, primarily in natural systems. Our studies aim to understand ecosystem characteristics and key processes in these specific stream types. Information at species level, retrieved from field observations or experiments, contribute to interpret the specific role of benthic organisms in the complex interactions of system components.

Teaching activities include lectures on basic and modern lake and stream ecology, current limnological concepts and hypotheses, limnological zoogeography, applied aspects of limnology, and history of limnology. Emphasis is further laid on practical skills such as methodology (field and laboratory), taxonomy of macroinvertebrates and fish, stream typology, experimental autecology, data analysis and data presentation. Integrated case studies with varying topics and seminars complete undergraduate education.

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